Save the Tomatoes!!

Listen closely … When you pluck a tomato from the vine … you can hear it scream.
Are some of us simply going off the deep end ?

Sure. The human population has exploded over the past 50 years. We are multiplying like cockroaches.
Spreading out and occupying more and more land. Building taller buildings and inhabiting space many stories above the ground. Filling places, with condos, that were once beautiful to simply sit and look at. Busting at the seams.
Does something have to give?
Scientists are genetically altering crops to harvest more with less farmland.
Some people are fighting this.
It has been shown that humans benefit from eating red meat. (That's why they have the 'brain power' to alter crops.)
We have people (PETA) fighting the slaughter of animals for food.
Our bodies need the minerals and proteins found in seafood.
We have people fighting to stop fishing for food because fish feel pain.

If it has to do with nature (which everything does) we have people fighting to completely stop the consumption.

I do not believe that anyone is out to destroy everything.
Sure. We have people who don't consider the need for things to re-grow or to re-populate. These people need to be educated on such matters. These problems are not here in the U.S. and the concern needs to be directed elsewhere.
I've heard stories about kids who were asked 'Where does milk come from?' and their answer was 'The store.'

Being raised by parents with parents who were farmers, and marrying into a family of loggers, I simply don't understand where the groups such as PETA and the Tree Huggers get their ideas.
My family never slaughtered an animal unless it was used for food. My husbands family has always stood against practices such as clearcutting (unless it was to clear land for farming), and would never leave any stand of woods in a condition that was not beneficial to it's growth.

We need to make sure that neither side goes too far. That we can consume without destroying. I believe there are more people looking out for our natural resources than we ever hear about. It's not 'news'.
It's just to bad that the media does more to help create a divide than to bring people together.

Posted by Dawn at January 7, 2006 1:00 AM