The War on the War on Terror

So yesterday Rep Murtha was flapping his gums again. This time he is saying our military is battered and broken. How ridiculous.

Yesterday morning I was driving to the office and heard a radio report of how insurgents had fired three mortar rounds at a US compound hitting nothing, no injuries, no damage.

Why is everything the minority of terrorists do in Iraq front page news or headline radio news reports? Why do you hear nothing about positive news out of Iraq? I'll tell you why, that does not fit the MSM or the Democratic party mold of attack Bush on everything.

Why do not these same pundits and pontificators tell the rest of the story? How about the poll out this week that said better than 70% of the US populace believes all this sniping by Democratic Senators is detrimental to the War in Iraq, and to troop morale? Oh they will tell you all day that now 46% are against the war, or that Bush has a 30 something approval rating, but they leave out that other part about the people being critical of their own behavior.

Remember Murtha's comments, I wonder if he knows that re-enlistments of soldiers serving in Iraq are actually much higher than predicted? He probably does know that but it would not exactly fit his particular brand of criticism.

How about the poll out of Iraq this week? 82% of Iraqis think their lives will be greatly improved in the next year as they see progress being made daily.

On 12-15 the Iraqi people will go to the polls again and put into place a permanent Government. A government with a constitution and full women's rights.

Full womens rights?!? Hey liberals, are you listening? If we had left the former regime in power these women would still be oppressed, open to stoning and the rape rooms of the past. It would seem to me that womens rights proponents would be pleased about this kind of progress for women. That could not be allowed to happen though because good news from Iraq would be beneficial to their arch-enemy, that would be anyone from the right in power.

Did you ever wonder why other terrorists states in the area are so on edge? Simple, they see the people taking power and do not like it in the least.

Another poll out in the last week stated 63% of Journalists thought we would lose in Iraq. Well my golly no wonder why the coverage from there is so rosy, such an optimistic group aint they? A larger question is how could these supposedly intelligent people see the progress that has been made and turn a blind eye to it? Again, they are predisposed against the administration and just refuse to accept success. (not covering news is just as indicitive of bias as covering something in a slant)

Pay attention now I am going to make a prediction. In two weeks we shall revisit this and see if I was right. Leading up to the 12-15 elections there will be story after story about the fears of the electorate and will they be able to vote safely, etc. On 12-15 a massive majority of the people in Iraq will show up and let their voices be heard, very few problems will happen that day other than long lines. After everything goes well the news media will drop the story having nothing negative to write about. At that point they will stick a microphone in some rabid critics face to see where they should take the pounding next.

The long and the short of it is simple, good news in Iraq is good news for Bush and Republicans in general, and the left can not have that.

Posted by RealDebate at December 2, 2005 4:40 PM