Liberals & Communists

I am surprised that in 2005 - in this blog - people still accuse liberals of being communists. The liberal ideal is the antithesis of communism, so why the confusion? Communists did it and they did it on purpose to divide us. They hid among liberals as terrorists hide among civilians. They spoke the language and pretended to be liberals. Even the Rosenbergs or Alger Hiss, who literally took orders from Moscow, kept up the charade and like terrorist in civilians garb were counted by some as innocent victims.

I don't expect many responces to this posting, but I thought I thought it would be good to clear the historical air. I ask my fellow conservatives to stop saying liberal are like communists. Not only does it sound old fashioned, but also it is not now and never has been true. Communists are disciplined followers of a rigid ideology. Does that sound like any liberals you know (especially the disciplined part)?

What does communism resemble? Fascism. One of the primary and most persistent communist propaganda accomplishments was to convince people that they were like liberals and unlike fascists.

Fascist and communists hate each other the way heretics of the same religion hate each other precisely because they are alike and competing for the same adherents. Fascists and communists both attend the church of collectivism. Neither has any use for the individual. Both believe people's outlook is entirely determined by their category. For communists it is economic class. Fascists prefer race or ethnicity. But it works out the same for the affected groups because both communists and fascists are eager to complete their revolutions by killing millions of people to hasten the arrival of their utopian societies.

The biggest tragedy of the 20th Century was the triumph of revolutionary socialism, first in Russia, then in Germany, China and a variety of lesser places. These collectivist ideologies claimed more lives than all the wars of even that particularly bellicose century. What I find amazing is how the communists have ducked the opprobrium of history. You can find pictures of Marx, Lenin, Mao and even Stalin in dorm rooms of American universities. T-shirts with pictures of Che Guevara are still popular. Imagine if someone had a picture of Hitler or Hermann Goering in his dorm room or went around wearing a t-shirt with the image of Charles Manson. It really is the same thing.

American liberals are often misguided and sometimes have trouble recognizing the enemy, but it is a mistake caused by their better natures. Franklin Roosevelt evidently thought Stalin was just a leader like himself who could be persuaded to give up his vicious ways if only he felt secure. But conservatives also are not immune to the charms of smiling dictators. American liberals and conservatives fought both fascism and communism and together we beat them. We can think of newer and better names to call each other.

Posted by Jack at November 29, 2005 4:25 PM