how liberalism warps your mind

The charge that Bush has alienated the world is popular in liberal circles. Canadians fall into both categories: Alienated and Liberal. But are they alienated because of Bush or because they are liberal?

A former Canadian Minister of Defence and a Deputy Prime Minister are now calling for hearings on how belligerant Bush is prepared to become… with aliens from other galaxies!

November 24, 2005 -- A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with “ETs.”

...Mr. Hellyer [former defense minister] went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

Hellyer revealed, "The secrecy involved in all matters pertaining to the Roswell incident was unparalled. The classification was, from the outset, above top secret, so the vast majority of U.S. officials and politicians, let alone a mere allied minister of defence, were never in-the-loop."

Hellyer warned, "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning." He stated, "The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide."

Hellyer’s speech ended with a standing ovation. He said, "The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate, about one of the most important problems facing our planet today."

Not only has Bush and his neo-con cabal crushed hopes for world peace, he is preparing to crush peace across galaxies! You have to admire that kind of ambition. It kind of makes me proud to be a Republican.

"You do not know the power of the darkside." -D. Vader (R)

No doubt Halliburton fits in there somehow.

Strangely, there seems to be a connection with raving lunacy (no pun intended) and the liberal affliction now known as 'Bush Derangement'. Further on in the article it mentions another champion of liberalism, our own former President Jimmy Carter, who, if you'll remember, invited Michael Moore to sit next to him at the Democratic Convention.

Vancouver-based Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), whose International Director headed a proposed 1977 Extraterrestrial Communication Study for the White House of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who himself has publicly reported a 1969 Close Encounter of the First Kind with a UFO, filed the original request for Canadian Parliament hearings.

Jimmy Carter's statement on the Voyager space craft:

"...If one such civilization intercepts Voyager and can understand these recorded contents, here is our message: We are trying to survive our time so we may live into yours. We hope some day, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of Galactic Civilizations. This record represents our hope and our determination and our goodwill in a vast and awesome universe."

Translation: Bush is trying to destroy us. Help. Conservatives still hold power.

Apparently, these guys know that advanced and ethical alien civilizations will be their natural allies against Bush. As the article explains:

By "ETs," Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

It's good to know that the alien civilizations are liberal. Thank god. We wouldn't want something like the War of the Worlds to happen, where they come down and conquer us. It also makes them easier for the U.S. to subdue.

I just hope Bush will let me have my light saber now.


Via Instapundit: It seems that the real reason we invaded Iraq is because a UFO crashed there and Saddam was reverse engineering it to develop superWMD!!

Jack Sarfatti reported that Friday evening, December 6, 2002 “someone called the Art Bell radio show, claimed his connection with the military and informed that a UFO crashed in Iraq several years ago. The USA is currently searching for any pretext to invade Iraq. In fact, the USA is motivated by the greatest fear that Saddam will reverse-engineer the crashed alien spacecraft.”

It is allegedly said that the craft crashed during the Gulf War (1990-1991), or more recently (probably in December 1998). This became some kind of Iraq’s Rosewell. The USA is currently reverse-engineering the Rosewell craft and fears that Saddam’s scientists may become even more successful than Americans in this or that sphere. It was said that these researches may give Iraq a considerable advance and even make it a leading super power.

Whew! I'm glad we cleared that up.

Posted by Eric Simonson at November 25, 2005 8:29 PM