Thank You Mr. Murtha.

It’s about time.
The talk is finally more about how we will accomplish the fight, instead of how we got here in the first place.

That was quite a speech Mr. Murtha!
I could see it in your face, hear it in your voice.
You are truely concerned about our fighting men and women.
You may have single handedly stopped the political stand-off.
My hats off to you! Thank you.
Mr Murtha said: 'We can't win this war militarily.'
Call me crazy but I don't remember anyone saying it was a military war alone. I seem to recall statements about changing lives - education for example? Stopping suppression? Gradually getting people to understand that the U.S. is not the bad guy in all the problems the Middle East has.
I even heard rumors that there are actual accomplishments going on in Iraq. That it isn't all roadside bombs and civilians being blown up in mosques. Anybody else heard these rumors?

Why is it WE can't get our heads around this 'War on Terror'?
Could it be because the Trade Centers were just buildings? Could it be that we really don't see that the terrorists want US dead? After all they brought down buildings that they thought would destroy our economy and it failed. The people that died that day were just 'collateral damage'?
It's not really a 'War' because the enemy troops haven't 'landed'?
It isn't personal enough?
Here's a thought:
What if it were our schools? What if they blew up all the High Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area (for example) on 9/11?
What if they decided to blow up 200 Neighborhood Churches on any given Sunday?
How about Hotels or Hospitals?
Would it become personal then?
Will we never understand the depth of this fight until we are hit in the gut - in the 'HeartLand'?
Until it is some place OTHER than the WTC or the Pentagon? Other than an Embassy overseas or a Hotel Western Tourists frequent?
Those things were just pot shots. They don't mean that much.
We should have sent negotiators instead of men with guns because it isn't really a war?

We have Politicians who are up for re-election next year just running their mouths.
We have Politicians who claim to be looking out for the American people when it is clear that they are only looking out for their own political futures.
We can read the polls too. We know that they are bottoming out and reaching for anything they can think of to keep themselves in power - or retain power.
They seemed to have missed the poll that says we want them to GROW UP. We want them to stop the bickering and get back to work.
(Though there are some who actually enjoy the bickering and think it helps their party.)
Our Politicians know that if something is repeated again and again it can be believed, even if it isn't the whole truth. Our Politicians know the 'right words' to use to convince people they are the one for the job - even if they really aren't. They know the majority of us get our news in snippets and if they can get the right clip played over and over it will help their career - or hurt the 'other guy'.
Make a decision.
Is the Politician I'm about to vote for in touch with reality OR is he/she just saying what I want to hear?
Is the Politician I'm about to vote for really looking out for me OR their own career?

Do we need our own Ariel Sharon? Someone who is willing to step out of the party they have devoted their life to because it isn't the party it used to be - or should be?

I would like to see a poll:
Do you think your Senator is going to Washington...
1. To represent your State.
2. To decide matters that effect the whole Country.
3. Neither.
4. Both.

The majority of contributors on this site, editors and regulars, know the answer to this.

I have seen some new names here at WatchBlog. We have people who stop by to check out what we have to say.
Hopefully they insert their own thoughts on an issue. It is my concern that some don't bother because they see some of the bashing that occurs.
I'm sure some of you gave no thought to, or didn't really care about, the response you would receive when you posted your first comment.
I'm sure there are people who would love to get into the discussion, but don't, because they do not want to be slammed publicly, on the internet, simply because the thought they have isn't in agreement with a more seasoned blogger OR they are afraid of sounding inadequate.
WatchBlog is unique because we get to hear from ALL sides on the same page.
I am asking for our standards to stay high. Curtail the bashing and learn to have better discussions.
I want WatchBlog to be the #1 site for Political enthusiasts and mature, intelligent debate.

Posted by Dawn at November 21, 2005 3:24 PM