Liberal Guilt

They are more to be pitied than censured, more to be helped than despised. It is not the liberals to blame. It is liberal guilt - misplaced but guilt all the same. Many of those calling the President a liar supported of the war, as did most Americans in 2003. Now they are unhappy. Their reasoning goes like this, “I am good. I supported a war. How can I be good? Solution: that great deceiver GW Bush misled me. My guilt can be deposited on my president. We are the victims. We are all the victims of this dreadful lying liar.”

It is cognitive dissonance. Assigning guilt to Bush is necessary for the loyal, true and virtuous denizens of the left to avoid feeling bad about themselves, or in terms they understand: having a negative self-image.

The funny thing is, they have nothing to feel guilty about. But blame is such a big part of the liberal culture. They are always looking to find someone accountable, even for things like the weather.

Guilt is not a required part of an argument for or against the war in Iraq. You can believe the war is a failure or a success without reference to the decision maker's motives or methods. Franklin Roosevelt used deception to support the British in 1940. So what?

Guilt is destructive. It locks people into moral dilemmas over practical issues and makes compromise or course changes difficult. Under the guilt paradigm, no amount of success can ever wash away the original sin. So what if Saddam is gone? The original sin rules. So what if we saved the Kurds from genocide? So what if Iraqi holds the freest elections in the Arab world? The original sin makes ashes of all our dreams and rebukes us like a festering bucket of puss under out banquet table.

According to liberal theology, we must reject Bush and all his works as well as those of his servants Karl, Condi and Donald. Anything less risks letting slip the hounds of hell to devour the faithful. After all, the honeyed words of Bush (and his servant Karl) are too attractive to some people and the temptation to support Republicans may be too great for them. Nothing Bush can do now will extirpate his sin. If it sounds puritanical, perhaps that is because it is puritanical.

It is no coincidence that liberals are strongest in the areas most strongly influenced by the holier than thou, witch-hunting ethos (Kerry took nearly 70% of the vote in Salem). It is now secularized and made politically correct, but the method is the same. Liberals refer to Republicans in terms their predessessors reserved for the forces of darkness. The PC wing of liberalism inquires not only into our deeds but also our thoughts. It is possible to commit liberal sins such as insensitivity without trying or even knowing it.

But I have having too much fun with this. Sorry if my insouciance offends. The bottom line is Bush didn't lie. If you disagree with the war, talk about the results - plenty of room for discussion there. Anything else is fruitless and useless. Historians will find motives, or make them, up after the passions of today have cooled. We the living should be interested in what we have to do now and how to move forward.

Posted by Jack at November 14, 2005 5:03 PM