Hate Doesn't Sell

Most of my left sided blogmates like the aggressive Dean approach to bashing us Republicans. Dean is evidently very entertaining in the same sense that Al Franken or Janeanne Garofolo are … entertaining. But like his fellow comedians, his fan base is limited and despite all the noise he doesn’t actually earn much money for your glorious cause.

Hate and howling doesn’t get the big bucks. From January to September Dean and the DNC raised only about half of what the RNC earned. According to a story in today's Washington post, Dean’s performance is starting to concern some more traditionally minded Democrats.

Let me tell you all plainly, I don't like Dean, probably because he doesn't like me. In fact, he said that he hates people like me and all I stand for. I met him twice in person. He is smaller than he seems on TV but not any nicer. Dean ran an exciting campaign until he imploded. He was the man of the hour and sometimes that is all the time a man gets. After that if he hangs around like a fart in a phone booth . . . well you know the rest.

Posted by Jack at November 12, 2005 9:23 AM