Racism is Alive and Well, on the Left That Is

Racism is alive and well. It is living and breathing in a willing liberal press and the DNC. Many of you may have heard the Milwaukee Journal Sentinels comment of Nov. 1 in speaking to the diversity of the Supreme Court. The paper said, In losing a woman, the court with Alito would feature seven white men, one white woman and a black man, who deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America.

This racist remark brought a firestorm of criticism here in the Milwaukee area and across the nation. Today the Journal Sentinel has finally responded to that criticism saying, Conservative talk radio seized on this last clause, and many respondents said they felt the line was racist, contending that we were implying Thomas is not black enough. Not at all. The sentence only meant to call attention to the lack of diversity the court will have if Alito is confirmed, a position that many others have stated as well. With the asterisk comment, we did indeed call attention in particular to Thomas, the sole African-American on the court. That's because, though much progress has been made, we continue to believe that the condition of black Americans, particularly here in the Milwaukee area, remains quite dire in many important respects and deserving of acute attention and sensitivity at all levels of government.

So the Journal Sentinel is digging in its heels and saying, yeah he is black, but he aint black enough to really be black. This is outrageous. If you are talking diversity, what could be more diverse than a black conservative? What else is the Journal Sentinel saying? Conservative talkers give the rank and file out here our marching orders, or since they are conservative their opinions mean any less? Outrageous. You national readers may have little idea of how liberal this paper is, but they continue to blast anyone who has conservative opinion of just being nutty.

Last month I wrote about the Chuckaquiddick scandal. In case you missed it, two Schumer staffers illegally obtained the credit report of Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. This act was done to try and obtain information harmful to Steele, a rising GOP star, in his bid for The Senate. The staffers were fired, but this egregious invasion into someone’s privacy was pretty well ignored by the press and Senator Schumer who is expending considerable energy telling how dirty other people are gets a pass from the press on this.

Now we learn Steele is under attack again. The whole report is here, but it calls Steele a traitor to his race. There have also been multiple reports of Democrats showing up at Steele events and throwing oreo cookies at him. Again, the message, you may look black but you aint black.

Combine that with the ridiculous filibuster of Miguel Estrada, Harry Belafonte' calling Colon Powell an Uncle Tom, a Madison liberal talker with the Aunt Jemima thing concerning Condi Rice, etc., and we have a pattern developing.

This all started with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill of course, believe who you will but if you recall the NAACP fought against Thomas well before Anita Hill ever came forward. Why? He was not the right kind of black. I never understood that about the NAACP, it would seem someone who worked hard, took no hand outs and reached the pinnacle of his career was exactly the kind of person the NAACP should be holding up as a hero in the African-American community. As I recall, Rush Limbaugh renamed them the NAALCP at the time, the L being Liberal of course. Nothing funnier in my opinion than the truth ignored.

It would seem to my observation that the party that trumpets diversity has egg on its face. Look at the last couple of Democratic conventions, tell me were there any pro-life speakers? Anywhere? Nope. Remember the last Republican convention, remember Ahhhnold, Zel, Rudy? All keynote types, all pro-choice. Now that shows diversity.

The current day Democratic Party only has tolerance, diversity if you will, for those that agree with their ideology. It is ok with them to play the race card whenever it suits their purpose. If you really put the ideology aside and sit back and look at what party is truly inclusive and has tolerance for persons of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity it is the Republican party.

Oh the Dems do talk a good game, but when put up comes to shut up the Republicans are the real deal.

Posted by RealDebate at November 6, 2005 10:25 AM