Goals in Plain Sight

Revolutionary leaders are often very clear in their intentions. Some (Hitler) write long boring books outlining their goals. Others (Lenin) work toward widely known theories. Few have been reticent in explaining what they plan to do and often exactly how they plan to do it. Their faith that the honest world just will not believe them, or that they will find defenders among those they hope to destroy is rarely misplaced. Ayman al Zawahiri al Qaeda’s No. 2 guy laid out his thoughts in a letter Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq.

He agrees that Iraq is the central front and that winning (or losing) there will be decisive. He understands that the media is how they can win and worries that Zarqawi may be a little too bloodthirsty in killing Muslims. What does that mean to us?

BTW - I wonder if Osama bin Laden got caught in the recent earthquake or buried in the ensuing landslides. Those who saw the hand of God in our hurricane misfortunes might consider that this latest disaster was probably centered almost right on top of Osama's cave. You can't get much more precise than that - for those who find meaning in such things.

(NB: This is meant as irony. I don't believe natural disasters are punishments of God. Some of the radicals do believe it, however)

Posted by Jack at October 13, 2005 3:32 PM