Politically Correct Currency

The way things are going, is it possible that our money could be changed to represent the true diversity of the American people? After all, our dollar bills only feature European-Americans.

I was having a bit of fun a few nights ago when this idea dawned on me. After writing this farcical news report I said to myself 'hey! this could probably happen someday':

United States currency controversy

WASHINGTON D.C., USA -- A complaint brought about on Saturday by a collaboration of minority rights groups claimed United States currency does not reflect the true diversity of the American people.

The joint statement issued by this collaborative group effort demanded seeing currency printed with "prominent historical figures from the African-American, Asian-American, or Hispanic-American community." A definitive time frame was not included in the statement but did say it would like to see the changes "in the near future."

"If you read through United States history you will realize it was not only white men who contributed to the making and shaping of this country. Why can't there be one African-American featured in our currency?" said a prominent African-American spokesman associated with the effort.

The joint statement is expected to generate controversy similar to the Sacagawea coin, which many consider a monument to political correctness.

The United States Department of Treasury, in charge of producing all currency and coinage, was not available to comment on the complaint.

After announcement of the complaint, many internet message boards were already aflame discussing the issue. A fierce opponent of the complaint posted “The minority pressure groups will most likely be successful in their pursuit - remember political correctness rules the day" while one advocate replied, "PC or not, we are no longer a White America but Multicultural, Multiethnic, and Multiracial America. This complaint is long overdue."

Posted by Mike Tate at September 18, 2005 11:31 AM