Political Fallout following Katrina

The Political Aftermath of Katrina is as sickening as the contaminated water on the New Orleans’ streets. Why can’t people figure out what went right and wrong without making it Republican or Democrat? What is wrong with ALL of us?
PLUS… Update on Mike Brown

Many things I am about to write have already been said. Hopefully this will attract a different sort of reaction. One where we work together for once.

From a letter sent out by Cameron Barrett yesterday:

To all:

This is just a quick note to let you know that I am pleased to see David Remer enforcing WatchBlog's community rules. In the past few weeks he has blocked access to several community members who fail to understand that WatchBlog is not just another free-for-all partisan-bashing web site.

When I built WatchBlog in May of 2003, my goal was to get the people on each side of the political divide to actually talk and listen to each other, and not resort to political flaming, bashing and name-calling -- something that is far too prominent on other mainstream political discussion sites that have a partisan nature.

It's a sad day in America.

Not only has Katrina caused death and destruction... She has caused a bigger divide among our Political Leaders and their devoted followers. I don't think the winds blew through the Gulf States and into Tennessee before the 'blame game' began.

Immediately people were looking for what went wrong and who to blame. Before the people walked out of the waters and into the Dome and Convention Center... before the rescues from the flooded homes began... before the people standing by to help could even get in... before the Red Cross was even ALLOWED in... we had people on T.V. chanting 'We want help.'

News reporters who were allowed to be in the path of the storm powered up their satellite trucks and started showing the rest of us the other side of the relief effort. Showing us people who gathered in places where they thought help would already be in place.

Even though we all know the 'help' could not already be in the path of the storm, and it had to be moved in, we hear about how it took too long to get there.

What were the obstacles involved? Water, trees, collapsed buildings, stranded vehicles, violence?

The inefficiency of the disaster relief effort?(very important-See below for more info.), Political red-tape?(bureaucracy), and the arguments over who should be in charge?(childish)

Is this true? I have heard about how the supplies people needed were intentionally kept out because certain leaders of N.O. thought they could never get the people to leave if they gave them food and water. A Red Cross spokesperson said they wanted to go in and were kept out for that very reason - along with the violence that ensued. (I can't see how people there to help should risk their own lives due to violence.)

One man shot his sister in the head over a bag of ice? How can anyone believe that a drop shipment with no security forces could be the way to go? The people would have been killing each other to get a bottle of water and an MRE. Survival of the fittest? or the one with the bigger gun? At least they could have said they got the supplies in.
The Convention Center:

There are complaints about how Brown did not know about the Convention Center. 'He should have known. It was on T.V.' It was on T.V.? I didn't know he was supposed to be flipping through the news channels to get his information on how to manage the relief effort. Who were the people reporting to him? Don't they matter? 'Brownie' may ultimately end up being relieved of his position but we can't forget about those below him that were not up to their jobs either.
The Dome:

The Dome was not prepared for more than a half day stay. The supplies were not there to provide for an extended stay. The security was inadequate for the massive amount of people who overwhelmed the 'shelter'. Apparently there was little consideration given to what would happen when the power went out and the toilets stopped working.
The President:

We are hearing much louder voices about what President Bush did wrong than any of the others involved. He didn't move the Federal response in fast enough. Maybe so, but, if he had we would be hearing complaints about how he wasn't supposed to do it - even if it had worked out better.

Hurricane 'PAM' blew through New Orleans in '04. Not really. It was an exercise. It was a mock hurricane that was supposed to help those in charge better understand how to manage a disaster like 'Katrina' before it happened. Another name: Ron Castleman, FEMA Regional Director

From: 'NOLA Disaster Plan Outsourced'

According to FEMA Regional Director Ron Castleman, the planning exercise was a success:

Disaster response teams developed action plans in critical areas such as search and rescue, medical care, sheltering, temporary housing, school restoration and debris management. These plans are essential for quick response to a hurricane but will also help in other emergencies.

They figured out where the problems would be and how to correct them BEFORE Katrina. They said they would fine tune the response and be sure it went as planned. They said they knew what to do.
What did they actually do?

Not much. One of the decisions made was that they needed to practice with another mock hurricane. Think they'll still do it? Have another practice session in a couple years? It wouldn't surprise me any.

UPDATE: Mike Brown has been sent back to D.C. to look at the 'whole picture'. He is there to prepare for Ophelia? Let me be one to say - I hope not. Also mentioned were 5 others who lacked the ability to perform their jobs.(Found link. Placed above.)

By replacing him with Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad W. Allen the job will get done.

It has also become obvious to me, and I am sure many others, what type of person we need to replace 'Brownie' and the others who have been proven incompetent.

Appointing jobs to incompetent people is not a Republican issue alone. We know it is done by both sides. This time it happens to be the Republicans who should get the blame. I just want to know why the Democrats didn't make a bigger stink about him when he was appointed. After all, they claim they knew.

Many Politicians had a hand in this on both sides.

Posted by Dawn at September 9, 2005 10:16 AM