Why the left will never win another National election.

This is from Mark Green of the Huffington Post:

We owe Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter a big thank you. These two American mullahs of the far right are helping to expose how The Bush Team is in the extreme and we who question this war most prominently Cindy Sheehan are in the mainstream.

I’ll grant the fact that Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson are out there, no argument.

However, if the left really thinks Cindy Sheehan is the mainstream, the next election is already over. I like to win so I hope Mark Green is right, it would appear the amount of coverage she is getting would tend to prove that position.

Seriously, when moderate voices like Joe Lieberman are shoved aside for screamers like Dean who are thrust into leadership it is clear where the party is headed.

Democrats are trying to dump the liberal label for the softer sounding progressive. The only problem is the new progressives are twice as nutsie as the old liberals. Such a nice word, moving forward in a calming matter it suggests. They know a liberal can not win, yet they let the most liberal of their party become the voice.

Some free advice here guys, it aint the language, send George Lackoff packing, it is the rhetoric and the behavior.

And now we have the out there new mainstream of the Democratic party decrying and complaining about every facet of Hurricane Katrina relief. One thing is certain whenever Republicans are in charge you will complain, that is all you have for an agenda right now.

So keep thinking Cindy is mainstream, the right will keep winning, the left will scream louder, the right will win some more, the left will think Michael Moore would be a good candidate, they will lose again, the right will win some more, and finally someone will come up with a decent second party.

Let me be the first to suggest Cindy 08, if she is the mainstream the progressives should make her the candidate! But then I'm a right-wing-nut-ball so what do I know?

Posted by RealDebate at September 2, 2005 12:38 AM