Where Were You?

Still groggy, I hit the snooze button for what would probably be the first of several ten minute extensions of my deprived sleep. My mostly-still sleeping wife blurted out, “What did he say?”. After a couple of seconds, my brain, still trying to distinguish the dream world from the reality of awakening, pieced the words of the classic rock DJ together: “It’s confirmed, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been hit.”

Shooting straight up in bed and hustling to find the remote, I think in hindsight that it was actually the word 'Pentagon' that really caught my attention. I mean, how could the Pentagon, the military bedrock in the middle of out nations capital, be 'hit'?

"Did he say the Pentagon was hit?" I responded.

Needless to say, it was a chilling morning, watching the repeated display of full size passenger planes plowing through these giant skyscapers, waching live as desperate people jumped off the 90th+ floors of the WTCs and thousands fled the area. Watching authorites try to piece it all together. Seeing, not for the first time, but perhaps looking for the first time at the cold and confident eyes of Osama bin Laden on my tv screen. Watching in disbelief as the buildings came crashing down, one at a time. And knowing what everyone else knew: the world would never be the same again.

What I would like to do on the upcoming four year anniversary of the attacks to is invite everyone who visits here to leave your own story (nonpartisan preferably) of where you were, what you were doing and how you reacted, along with any long-term impact that the 911 attacks may have had on you, your life or your thinking. Also of interest, would be any cultural or social occurences from that time that stand out in your memory (like perhaps the nauseating remixes of Lee Greenwood and Don Henley songs or the record charitable contributions made by Americans).

I would like to create a sort-of archived Watchblog diary of different perspectives from that day and invite you to participate.

Posted by The OttO Show at September 1, 2005 1:14 PM