Fraud of the 2004 Election

On August 2nd, a report was released by the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) highlighting scores of fraudulent activity surrounding the election of 2004. Not only in Ohio, but in several other states as well!!

Did George W. Bush steal the election?

Well, according to the report by ACVR, which claims on it's website that it is "a non-partisan, non-profit organization that neither supports nor endorses any political party or candidate", the answer! Not only no, but it seems that he won the election despite the attempts to disenfranchise voters by supporters of his opponents!

First off, ACVR states in it's mission statement that when one vote is tampered with, not only does that incorrect vote in itself affect the election, but it's mere existence disenfranchises another voter. By deceptively creating a vote for Candidate X, you cancel out a legitimate vote for Candidate Y. And according to ACVR, it appears that more deception on the part of Democrats disenfranchised more Republican voters than the other way around.


What's also interesting is the fact that two, almost three weeks later, a report highlighting and carefully documenting election fraud, which was so important in the media a few months ago, is not anywhere to be seen in the mainstream press. Would anyone disagree that if this report showed that Republicans were behind most of the voter fraud in 2004, that this would be on the front page of every newspaper in America?

Let's see...we have claims by the like of Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson of racist tactics used by Republicans to disenfranchise black voters. These claims were refuted by Democratic election officials and the Justice Department.

Dozens of claims of Republicans threatening voter suppression, lying to potential Kerry voters about the times and locations of polls, telling elderly people that they weren't allowed to vote, threatening citizens with possible arrest based on their criminal records etc. etc. have all been slapped down. And many of these claims came from real Democratic officials, several of them according to this report, from then-DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe himself!

All of these conspiracies, all of these accusations...and near as I can tell, almost none of them rang true in the end...except...conspiracy claims against Democrats. Many of those same claims made by Democrats actually seem to have been the actions of Democrats (in addition to actual acts of violence and vandalism), claims that actually involve local investigations and criminal charges: punches thrown! Windows smashed! Tires slashed! Threats made! Computers stolen! Swastikas! Gun shots! Public urination! Vandalism! Bomb threats! All made at or against Bush campaign headquarters, polling places, registration places and private property.

One aspect of this report that should have in itself gained some media attention is the reports assessment of Ohio, or Ground Zero for the 'Bush Stole The Election' crowd.

Enter...The Exit Polls...

According to this report, "In January 2005, the firms that performed the exit polls – Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International – released a report stating that the exit polls’ flaws were caused primarily by an oversampling of Kerry supporters, as Kerry voters were more likely to participate in the exit poll interviews than Bush voters. The report cited the inexperience and youth of its interviewers as another problem with their poll."

The claims are that exit polls heavily favoring John Kerry proved that the actual election was tampered with somehow to achieve a different outcome. That's because exit polls are scientific, right?

Does anyone really believe that it is more credible that official election votes, monitored through an expensive and public process are more prone to be wrong or deceptive than exit polls, the act of asking a question to random people and recorded by unmonitored individuals? Anyone?

So the companies that conducted the exit polls won't accept the fraud accusations. Most pollsters agree. As does the DNC Voting Rights Institute.

As far as actual registration fraud, Ohio did have it's share, by both Republicans and Democrats, as well as independents. Thousands of voters from all persuasions had registrations in both Florida and Ohio and at least a few hundred of those voted absentee in Ohio. So it's not to say that there are creeps in only one party, but my interest here lies in the fact that most of the sleaziness appears to be by or for Democrats and what makes it interesting is that their actions are the very actions that they have accused Republicans of. And suddenly, there is no more outrage.

My favorites of course are examples set by some of the most well known left-wing political organizations. ACT (America Coming Together), ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and the NAACP (who paid someone with crack cocaine to deliver fraudulent registrations made out to the likes of celebrities and cartoon characters) have all had their hands dirty in registration fraud, as well as the now in trouble AFL-CIO. Think they were doing these dirty deeds for Repubicans?

Speaking of ACORN, I have to wonder how this organization is able to maintain any credibility. They have recent and current problems with registration fraud in several states potentially affecting thousands of votes, and many in blue Kerry states. Who in this country supports this kind of pathetic and disgusting behavior?

What I want to know is...where is the embarrassment from those on the left who made unsubstantiated claims about stolen elections...and where now is the shame from those same people and their supporters, shame not only in being wrong, but shame in knowing that the very accusations that were unfairly lobbed have in retrospect, come home to roost.

I've debated this with several Democrat supporters who refuse to even acknowledge anything in the report on the basis that it is partisan. The board of directors of ACVR is made up of people with both Democratic and Republican ties, but that isn't really even relevant. The report itself is HEAVILY sourced and footnoted. The footnotes are bigger than the report itself and include arrest records, confessions and court materials. Of the several people I have debated this with, not one came up with a single example of innacuracy or dishonesty in the report. I challenge anyone to do so.

As we like to say here at Watchblog - critique the message, not the messenger. Does anyone see PBS as a right-wing outfit just because it happens to be run by a Republican? Most of us are partisan in some form or another, but that doesn't necessarily discredit our ideas.

Suggestions for 2008:

Stop trying to play the 'victim' game with some delusional hope of retaking a decisive election.

Stop playing the 'poor people' game.

Stop playing the 'racism' game.


ACVR Report

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