Planned Parenthood v. Children

Californian citizens are going to have the opportunity to vote this fall on Proposition 73, a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would require - gasp! - that parents actually have the right to know when their children are pregnant and seeking an abortion. For some yet-to-be-explained reason, the San Francisco chapter of Planned Parenthood vehemently opposes it, and in doing so they reveal their feelings on democracy:

“Prop. 73 is an attempt by well-funded anti-choice extremists to circumvent the courts.”

The ultimate display of power to the people has just been reduced to an infringement of the power of courts and stands to "undermine the integrity of the Constitution". How a referendum vote on a Constitutional Amendment does anything to undermine it's integrity is puzzling. Really, if the people of California vote (regardless of yes or no) to this prop, then isn't the will of the people more fairly and accurately being represented? Isn't that democracy in action? And if it passes, does that make the majority of voters in California "anti-choice extremists" or just sensible parents?

Who is really anti-choice here? The supporters of this proposition who want to participate in the political process to decide what the rule of law will be in their own state? Or Planned Parenthood, which is abhorred by the idea that people might actually want the right to raise their children as they as parents see fit, not as some borderline fringe and radical outfit sees fit. Typically, when someone is afraid of letting people vote on their policies, that person is obviously on the wrong side of the issue...and they know it!

The website, linked below, is riddled with adjectives describing this proposition as 'dangerous' and 'risky' and will hurt the 'health' and 'safety' of teens. Though this is repeated several times throughout the site, I couldn't seem to find any description of what they actually mean by this.

I am a parent of a young girl and I will fight tooth and nail to protect my right as a parent, for several reasons.

For instance, there is no situation that I can see where an agenda-driven organization knows what is better for my family and my children than I do. To oppose Prop 73 on these grounds simply indicates that a child should be able to defy thier upbringing and deny their parents involvement so they can be more easily manipulated and not have his or her judgements clouded by a families religious or moral views. Somehow, Planned Parenthood already knows what is best for your child and the perspective that that child should take. What it teaches is the 'value' of choices without consequences.

Also, if my teenage daughter is pregnant, then I certainly want to know who participated in the act. I can't think of another situation where the concealment of a criminal act is touted as having court protections. This is insane!! If my 13 year old daughter is being raped (and yes, underage sex, especially with an adult is rape) or even just acting irresponsibly, then I would be appalled that there are adults out there who would be willing to sweep it under the rug and work to hide it from me just to protect this precious 'right' to abortion. And this is where groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL lose people on the abortion issue. Despite what the website says, I find it hard to believe that most parents want their children to have an abortion (or any other major medical procedure) or go through the trauma of an unplanned pregnancy without their knowledge and involvement.

Perhaps someone from PP could explain how a covered-up rape and a secret abortion is less dangerous to teens than their own parents involvement. Is part of it the potential of parents expressing shame or contempt, the potential for a parent to prevent an abortion from taking place or the potential for parents to make their children feel uncomfortable and stressed? Consequences for actions...

And yes, there can be a situation (albeit rare) where perhaps the child was impregnated by a father or other family member, in which case there is a process for dealing with these in this proposition that the courts can rule on, called a "judicial waiver". PP's reaction to this waiver is about as substantive as their reaction to the prop in general. Which is to say they think it is vaguely dangerous and generally unfair.

The waiver will be set up as a sort of rush process in front of a judge who will listen to the arguments on a case by case basis to determine different situations where parental notification may not be in the best interest for the child. What is so horrible about this?

Planned Parenthood refers to Proposition 73 as "government intrusion". Perhaps it's the government intruding on a disturbing, anti-child organization imposing it's ideology on a young victim, but that hardly makes it an intrusion into families. The proposition means that there will be less government intrusion, not more!

Their site states that while a parents top priority is protecting their children, most parents want their kids to have secret medical access and counseling. Come again?? Counseling in my family starts with me as the parent. PP may not like that, but guess what? I have (or at least should have) actual and direct responsibilities to deal with my children as I see fit, not as PP sees fit.

Groups like PP and NARAL have programs and send messages to kids that ridicule abstinence (like an animated bit that this chapter once provided to youngsters which represented 'choice' as a superhero and 'abstinence' as a villain or a recent NARAL event entitled "Screw Abstinence"). It's interesting that this message serves their overall purpose of abortion, abortion, abortion! It's like McDonalds suggesting that you eat as many Big Mac's as you can and then recommending that you pay to see a McD's appointed heart specialist.

If a parent tries to raise their children with responsibility and abstinence in mind, these groups will be there to sell the idea that those parents are wrong.

When that message gets through to your brain, young woman, you can then participate in the American Dream and show the world that the government doesn't own your body!


Ahh, don't lose sleep over it - do what you want and when it destroys your childhood, we'll be there to clean it up for you. And don't worry about mom & dad finding out - they certainly don't know what's best for you!

We do. After all, we helped get you here, didn't we?

Posted by The OttO Show at August 19, 2005 4:22 PM