The PC Thought Police and Sensitivity Training

Jeff Rubin, the chief economist for CIBC World Markets, has been sent to sensitivity training for remarks that offended some Muslims.

I believe all individuals should be treated with respect and dignity. However, what these Orwellian diversity/sensitivity training workshops are spiraling into should trouble the rational mind.

Rubin wrote: "The first two oil shocks were transitory, as political events encouraged oil producers to seize full sovereignty over their resources and temporarily restrict supply. This time around there won't be any tap that some appeased mullah or sheik can suddenly turn back on." [Emphasis added]

Offended by his language, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) wrote the bank saying it was "gravely concerned that Mr. Rubin is promoting stereotyping of Muslims and Arabs."

The Globe and Mail has more on the story:

Two weeks after the complaint, CIBC World Markets chief executive Brian Shaw responded.

Mr. Shaw said in a letter to CAIR-CAN that the remarks "were not meant to offend anyone" but "in hindsight, the comments were insensitive."

Mr. Shaw went on to say that "we will be providing him [Mr. Rubin] with training to ensure that this situation does not occur again in the future . . . in addition, Jeff has withdrawn the research report from the World Markets website [and] redrafted the paragraph in question."

CAIR-CAN has posted the text of the exchange with Mr. Shaw on its website and urged its supporters to thank CIBC for excising the mentions of mullahs and sheiks. Mr. Rubin's revised forecast now concludes that "this time around, with suppliers already running full tilt, there's no tap that can suddenly be turned back on."

This is about as Orwellian as it could possibly be folks. CIBC revised Jeff Rubin's remarks and replaced the words "mullah" and "sheik" with something more harmonious to the thought police. Think back to 1984. Winston (the main character) is employed by the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Truth exercises complete control over all media in Oceania (one of the three totalitarian superstates). Winston's job is in the Ministry's Records Department where he doctors historical records in order to comply with the Party's version of the past.

It is understood that Mr. Rubin has completed some sort of in-house sensitivity training since he wrote his report, though CIBC World Markets officials would not divulge details.

Again, think back to 1984. Winston, after being discovered by the thought police for thoughts against the Party, is completely reprogrammed - achieved through a combination of torture and electroshock therapy. CIBC appears apprehensive about divulging on details pertaining to Mr. Rubin's sensitivity training. Who knows what happens behind closed doors, but let's hope it wasn't as bad as Winston's which included brainwashing and torture.

Some of his contemporaries find the whole situation strange. "Is that true?" asked a surprised David Rosenberg, chief North American economist for Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. in New York.

He said that Mr. Rubin has "got a flair and unique writing style. I know him and he's a good guy.

"I have a tough time believing Jeff Rubin would be purposefully offensive to a certain group."

I find the whole situation awkward too.

Maybe if the PC police discover what I have just written I'll be forced into having "sensitivity training."

We continue marching towards the surreal Orwellian society rife with thought police. Multiculturalism can only be carried out in a totalitarian fashion - as our social elite, ethnic elite, and cultural elite are.

Posted by Mike Tate at August 7, 2005 1:44 AM