Rummy is right on!

Rumsfeld says extremist, moderate Muslims at odds.

Donald Rumsfeld, a fascinating and a proper communicator in the English language medium, whose impeccable and detailed logic occasionally escapes the grasp of some reporters, has put the issue of struggle within Islam upfront and in the mainstream discussion. It is about time. Click here for the story .

Until this latest Rummyspeak, the West has been collectively looking for a conventional answer to the inspiration behind terrorism. We wring our hands uttering excuses of all manners, occasionally reciting sins of our own ancestors to find some logical rationale for a totally irrational behavior of others using practices such as decapitation and suicide, practices that are totally abhorrent and unthinkable for us. After London, sane people have concluded that we have been debating the wrong issues. It is time to shift the debate to the problem rather than the probable or imagined causes.

The fact is that Islam has always been a fractious movement. Based on Muhammad"s account of his unwitnessed private conversations with the angel Gabriel, the Koran had become the Book of the new religion. Having no sons, Muhammad paid no attention to what happened after his death and the schism in Islam started in the ensuing succession struggle on his death. Since then, the schisms have continued to multiply to this day to the point where many Muslims refuse Islam to other Muslims! For example, in Pakistan, Ahmadi Muslims, members of a reformist Muslim sect that attempts to rejuvenate Islam with moral and spiritual values and preaches peace, brotherhood and freedom of religion are denied the right to call themselves Muslims, punishable by three years of imprisonment. [International Religious Freedom Report - Pakistan - U.S. Department of State - October 7, 2002]

Rummy has rightly raised this issue, perhaps belatedly, that the struggle for control of terrorism rightly belongs square in the lap of the Ummah (the Muslim community at large). For far too long, Muslims have been on the fence on terrorism in public while privately cheering it. This will stop soon. Why? Because, the fence is on fire.

Posted by Krishan Kumra at August 3, 2005 10:39 AM