Fear Based on Fact

Ever been afraid of the dark before? You know, the monster under your bed or the bogeyman in your closet. We probably all have had this fear at one point in our life as a child. As you matured, you realized there was no monster hiding under your bed or in your closet. This was a fear not based on fact.

The media often tends to delineate the right wing resurgence across Europe (and elsewhere in the West) as capitalizing on synthetic ramifications from massive immigration. The only thing being capitalized on is the naiveness of a multicultural left wing politically correct agenda.

Expatica previously wrote:

Many of the concerns surrounding migration are often exaggerated or unfounded and contrary to the evidence, the authors of a major international study on migration have found.

This migration, which the report also claimed is 'good for everybody', attempts to null any criticism at this great migration from third world countries into first world countries. But, this migration cannot exactly be 'good for everybody'. Obviously it is not good for the Dutch who previously witnessed the slaying of Theo van Gogh. Murdered along with van Gogh was the world's most tolerant and liberal nation. And this migration cannot necessarily be good for the British or the Spanish who recently had their own September 11th. Although many people claim "Europe needs these migrants," government incentives to raise the birth rate should instead be installed (and yes, they CAN work if done properly). A more harmonious Europe would exist today without this great migration. In the United States, groups opposing illegal aliens such as FAIR or the Minuteman Project are accused of capitalizing on immigration fears. Again, this fear is based on fact. Illegal aliens are a huge tax burden and also hike crime rates, not to mention destroy our culture.

When the far right does gain because of fears from Islamic terrorism, or high unemployment rates, or multiculturalism, or illegal immigration it is because these are based on fact and left wing party platforms offer no real alternative under the circumstances we are in.

Posted by Mike Tate at July 24, 2005 11:09 AM