Civil rights and catching stupid terrorists

I am impressed by the way the Brits are handling the recent attacks in London. They are much less PC than we are. Most terrorists are cognitively challenged, but it also helps that Brits have their priorities straight about privacy versus catching crooks. Authorities have pictures of the bad guys because they have cameras all around London. They are showing these electronic wanted posters to the public and demanding the support of all communities. As I watched the London Police Commissioner’s press conference, it struck me on how this would be nearly impossible in the U.S. Think of the outcry about privacy, profiling etc.

We need to protect our rights, but we don't need to be so hypersensitive that we go overboard protecting people who want to kill us. Life is a precondition for all other rights, and freedom from fear is precondition of good life.

Rights are meant to protect the innocent, not establish a level playing field between the good guys and the bad guys. People don't have a right to commit crimes and acts of terror, nor to do they have a right to protect or support those who do. I am glad that our legislators were smart enough to renew the Patriot Act. At least our authorities have tools almost as good as those available to their counterparts in the UK or France. That doesn't make me worry about my liberties, but it does make me feel safer. It sure is worth it.

Posted by Jack at July 22, 2005 11:00 AM