My Fortune Cookie for China Reads: Success and Prosperity in the Future

A robust, relatively young, ambitious, and capable population. Combine that with a fairly cohesive nation based on its homogenous population. The result: China.

Almost half way done is the construction of highways uniting the country.

China does not have to worry about obstacles such as 'multiculturalism' which is ripping social fabrics in the West.

In the USA's path to greatness many people were employed to build up the infrastructure. America's postwar prosperity can largely be credited with Eisenhower's effort to link the nation via interstate highway. China is currently bringing employment to China's poorer regions with the building of a massive highway system.

BBC reports:

Every year China is constructing around 4,000 km of expressways, towards its target of connecting every city with a population of 200,000 or more to an 85,000 km national motorway network.

Half the work is already done.

Most Western politicians are extremely complacent and have their eyes closed to illegal immigration and allow the poisonous flower of multiculturalism to blossom. If I find myself shining the shoe of the Chinese in the future, I will have no reason to be surprised. The solid fact is, China is more ambitious than most Western countries. In the USA, we were kept on our feat when Soviet Russia was our rival. We launched a space program and boosted math and science programs. And now? There are no MAJOR national projects to keep Americans energized together.

Posted by Mike Tate at July 20, 2005 5:57 AM