Bombs and Cough Medicine

We can walk in a store and buy bomb making materials off the shelf but we have to be monitored when purchasing cough medicine for our children.

I was shocked. Living in the 'Heartland', walking into the drug store, and staring at the empty shelves that used to have bottles and boxes of medicine on them.
My first thought was that the store was out of medicine.
How could that happen? It is summer. Most people don't get colds in the summer.
Being the semi-ignorant person I am, I first thought the tags were simply for re-stocking a product that was 'sold out'.
Upon closer examination I realized the tags hanging there were there for me to decide on what I needed and go get it from the pharmacist.
I realized it was due to the meth problem facing our Nation. I'm not completely ignorant on the subject.
"Another drug law that destroys freedoms."
Because of a bunch of morons who decided to make an illegal drug out of my child's medicine... I had to stand there looking at a wall full of tags that virtually were identical. It was already hard enough to find the correct medicine when it was bottles and boxes. Now I am sorting through tags. It takes me 2 or 3 times as long to find what I need. Ticks me off.
I take the tag to the pharmacy and ask the girl working there why the medicine has to be purchased this way. She says, 'I'm not sure. I think people make stuff like meth out of it.'
Boy, was I impressed with her response!
I am now being inconvenienced and she 'thinks' people make illegal drugs with the cough medicine. Nice.

Homemade Explosives
Note: This website says ...
"Before this subject is explored a word of warning; This article is for information or entertainment purposes only, explosive chemicals are very dangerous and should be handled carefully, never lose sight of the fact that the careless handling of explosive devices could easily result burns, dismemberment or even death to the handler."

I am waiting for the tags in the grocery store when I go to purchase sugar. I would definitely be put on a 'watch list' with the amount we use. I may purchase 4 or 5 - 5lb. packages of sugar at a time if it on sale that week. Since I purchase Ivory soap I am expecting a tag for it also. It has no added perfumes or chemicals so I would be on another 'watch list' since I purchase multi-packs and not one bar at a time.

I don't like the idea of everything being 'tagged'. I don't like that the majority of us, law abiding citizens, can't go to the store and purchase cough medicine without feeling like criminals.
What's next? and Where will it end?

Posted by Dawn at July 14, 2005 12:36 PM