Straitjacketed in this War on Terrorism

At my public high school, I’m constantly told to honor and celebrate diversity (my teacher has a huge rainbow with ‘HONOR DIVERSITY’ written across it). In the media, the West is constantly portrayed as brutal and racist towards its immigrant/illegal alien populations. We’re reprimanded for being intolerant when we bar illegals from social services and drivers licenses or when illegal aliens die from thirst as they run across the border.

But elsewhere in the world, hyper-tolerance and “embracing diversity” is not practiced.

Look elsewhere - Saudi Arabia or Japan - and you will see a monocultural homogenous country which has more xenophobia than all the Western nation combined.

Ramifications will arise. It will be near impossible to extinguish the flame of Islamic terrorism. Suspicion of Muslims in the West, even with their involvement in 9/11, 3/11, and 7/7 (and dozens of other conflicts around the world), now becomes a crime - see Oriana Fallaci and Brigitte Bardot.

Pierre Trudeau, a key architect of multiculturalism in Canada, expressed great concern for what is spiraling out of control. Retired Liberal MP John Bryden asked, "Mr. Trudeau, you were one of the key architects of multiculturalism and now we are in a situation where many newcomers to Canada consider their ethnicity before being Canadian. Is this the outcome you wanted?" After a moments thought, Mr. Trudeau replied, "No, this is not what I wanted."

Canada, along with many Western nations, is being so tolerant of other cultures that it is losing its own. If we allow ourselves to be programmed to accept multiculturalism, with no questions asked, it will be impossible to combat Islamic terrorism. To our detriment, fighting back becomes near impossible because it will conflict with imbued beliefs. Our enemies do not practice any doctrines like 'political correctness' or 'hyper-tolerance'.

Posted by Mike Tate at July 11, 2005 2:36 PM