Democrats report no abuse at Gitmo

Before they make fools of themselves and slander their country, politicians like Durbin and Kennedy might try listening to their own Democratic colleagues who have actually visited Guantanamo. They would have learned that Democrats who actually did more than read about the place saw no signs of abuse. And this is not the first time. About a thousand reporters have visited the place, as well as senators, House members and congressional staff.

We face serious charges. We hear that soldiers may have defaced Korans. Most of these have been accidental, but some inmates have done so on purpose. Conditions are unpleasant. I think that is in the nature of prisons, although the food is better than most places. The average inmate has gained five pounds since they arrived. My recall of the camps Durbin talked about is that people didn't gain weight.

It is significant that of the 70,000 people captured and detained globally in the war on terror, only 800 have been taken to Guantanamo. Many of those have been released or moved to other facilities, leaving 520 at Camp Delta.

As Hilary Clinton likes to say, let's all take a deep breath and put this in perspective. This is a PR problem for the U.S. largely because the opponents of the U.S.have chosen to make it so. Closing the facility would just move the criticism someplace else. Those that want to find fault with the U.S. won't give up. They can find something. In 70,000 cases, during a war with enemies who are trained to allege abuse, they can always find something. No matter how extreme the accusations they will find a way to blame the U.S.

It is always good to look for a bottom line. Senator Durbin apologized for his bad math and moral blindness in calling Guantanamo a gulag or a Nazi camp. It took him six days and he equivocated, but give him the benefit of the doubt. Others have not been as smart. At Auschwitz on a average day a couple thousand people perished. How dumb do you have to be to think that is like a place holding 520 prisoners, among them some very nasty guys, where nobody has died?

Posted by Jack at June 28, 2005 10:49 PM