Democratic Deception Defeated by its own conclusions

All I know is what I read in the newspapers and I tend to read the liberal Washington Post. There is an interesting article today that must be read very carefully to avoid the spin. Take out your yellow underliner pens and watch the deception machine try to do its work.

The headline states ominously, "Democrats Say 2004 Election System Failed in Ohio." Many people just read the headline and may not get to the part where it says, "Party Concedes No Evidence of Fraud;"

So if there is nothing there, what is the article about?

The DNC evidently formed a task force to look for problems and fraud. Depite all their efforts, they still have only inuendo and tales of woe. Just like Florida in 2000, this does not mean they will give up, but I have to say that the non-politicos are honest when pressed.

One of the task force members, a professor from Cornell named Walter Mebane conceded that there was no "support whatsoever for the claim that there was a large-scale misallocation of vote from [Democratic nominee John F.] Kerry to [President] Bush in Ohio" and said it is highly unlikely Kerry would have won the state in any case." This is the guy from the Democratic side.

By the end of the article we find that the number of provisional ballots was about the same in 2004 as 2000 and Ohio counted a much greater percentage of them than other close states such as Pennsylvania or Florida. African American turnout reached record levels, up by 84,000 since 2000.

In other words, what the Dems have found in Ohio is a better than average election process. You think they would be embarrassed, but no. Howard the howler has taken the line that just because he can't find any reason to believe there was a problem, there must have been one. It is good this guy no longer practices medicine. Imagine all the surgery he would be doing on healthy people just because his tests couldn't find any maladies.

I have to credit the Post in that it did present the facts, even if you have to look for them. The headline was unfortunate, because many people don't get beyond the headline. The NYT was actually better. They wrote, "In Ohio Vote, Woes, Yes, Fraud, No"

So it is finished. Kerry lost in Ohio and even his supporters agree, at least those who think clearly. I wish the Dems would stop trying to make up stories. It hurts the confidence people have in their democracy and does nobody any good in the long run. Democratic leaders mention lack of confidence in the electoral process. Yes. But they are the ones who create it with their disinformation.

The headline might have been, "Ohio vote remarkably fair despite challenges."

Posted by Jack at June 23, 2005 8:46 AM