Lobbyists Don't Use Plastic

It’s amazing to me. How many lobbyists showed up to ‘water down’ any new laws protecting consumers from credit card fraud and identity theft? Can anyone count that high?

The explanations for why these people can lobby for the companies and against the consumers are?
They use cash? Their names aren't on any of these lists or they would be putting their own selves at risk?
What do the lobbyists themselves get out of it? A big bonus? a raise? Are they set up financially for life if they succeed in promoting the agenda of their company?
Just what is it that they receive that makes up for putting their own identities at risk?
'Identity Theft'
"NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) - On a sunny may morning on Capitol Hill, power suits were hard at work spinning members of Congress. There to testify were representatives of the financial giant Visa and of data brokers Acxiom and Thomson West."
(paragraph here)
"The speakers delivered much the same message: Don't worry; we're committed to keeping you and your most sensitive information safe from cyberpredators."

'Privacy Experts Wish List'
"NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Businesses, government agencies, private investigators and, frankly, anybody with a few dollars and a devious mind can get their hands on some of your most sensitive personal information.

Not that there aren't any laws regulating the collection and use of personal data.

But privacy advocates argue that these laws are so full of holes that those who buy and sell Americans' personal information can work around them without penalty."

Don't count on Politicians from either side to crack down on this problem. They may do just enough to satisfy the masses but ultimately the credit card companies, and all the rest who share our information, will succeed in getting their way.
Too bad this hasn't moved through as fast as the crackdown on Telemarketers and the Terri Schiavo case did.
Politicians' Oath:
'Do just enough to keep the masses from revolting while promoting the agendas of those who really keep us in office - big business and special interests.'

Posted by Dawn at June 21, 2005 8:23 AM