It's the UN again

Once again, the UN is in the news.

The US contributes 22% of the general operating budget of the UN and 27% of the peacekeeping budget. With these kind of numbers, apparantly Congress is of the mind that the UN will recreate itself in the Congress’ image. I’m not so sure.

Here is a link to the actual House Resolution sponsored by Henry Hyde.

This resolution demands 38 specific reforms or the US threatens to withhold half of its contributions to the UN. It does provide for a grace period of about 3 years for the UN to get its collective act together.

The Republican Controlled Congress is pushing this resolution, and the Republican President urges them to drop it. Maybe I just don't get it. Shouldn't they be able to communicate? If there are differences on how we act or react to the UN between them, shouldn't they work them out before going public? As a conservative, I expect more/better.

None of us wants to hand our sovereignty over to the UN, but to expect them to model themselves after us is a little over the top too.

The true hypocracy is the demands themselves. We demand that they not spend more than they have budgeted, and not more than what they have collected. Do we? We demand that any nation with human rights violations have their membership revoked and face trade and arms embargoes. What about GITMO and Abu Ghraib? We demand that Israel be place on the WEOG board of directors. How's that look to other Arab countries we are trying to pacify? We demand that virtually no further peacekeeping missions be advanced without a virtual unanimous vote by the security coucil. Aren't we still in Afganistan and Iraq? We demand "weighted voting" governed by the amount of money the nation contributes to the general fund of the UN. Is that where we really want to go? Is that where we are headed?

I will be the first to say that the UN needs a major overhaul. Financially, it is a mess. It's reputation has been tainted by the oil-for-food scandal. It's current secretary general has not done anything to help. But, I think the extent to which Hyde goes is fightening, hypocritical, and in some cases embarrassing.

The heading I am writing this under is Republicans and Conservatives. I realize my tone is less than flattering to the Bush Administration and Republican leadership in Congress. If any group can not give constructive criticism to their own leadership, then they are doomed to accept and support anything their leaders do. Before we preach to the world about fiscal responsibility, we better do it at home. Before we condemn others for human rights violations, we better be sure our hands are clean. (That's right AP. I remember what your grandmother told you.) Before we demand that our votes mean more because we contribute more money, we better think about how the rest of the world will react.

Before we do more harm than good to the UN, we better consider the alternatives.

Posted by Chi Chi at June 17, 2005 3:25 PM