Competition: A Bad Thing?

As I was driving to work the other day I was listening to a discussion about competition.

One of the comments that was made was that teachers are now encouraged to use lavender pens instead of red when grading papers because lavender is a more soothing color. Some of the other "great" ideas employed to keep from damaging fragile psyches, include using a letter grade of E for failing instead of an F, not keeping score so that we do not have winners and losers, the new math in which there is no correct answer.

This focus on not damaging fragile psyches leads to another more damaging phenomenon called a sissy. Competition is good, kids need to learn how to be gracious losers. If we do not allow them to do it as kids we end up with adults who have no idea how to accept the challenges and frustrations they will encounter later in life.

We need to re-introduce the red pen, the F, and keep score and let our children win or lose otherwise society becomes the ultimate loser.

Posted by Nathan Melton at June 5, 2005 2:47 PM