Stop Kidding Yourself - It is a Holy War

Call it what it is. A Holy War. Anyone who believes there is not a Holy War being fought must be living in a different world. Those who are concentrating their efforts on the fight in our own country about whether a kid can wear a cross to school or thank God in their commencement speech will one day wake up and realize they were fighting the wrong fight.

Look around the World. Look where the conflicts are. Who the conflicts are between. Who has caused them.

These are not just 'civil wars'. These are not conflicts that can be ignored and considered a problem that must be solved by the countries experiencing them alone. Those of us who want to live in peace and freedom need to pay attention.

"Muslim conflicts in the World"
Preventing a city from placing a Nativity Scene on the Court House lawn or turning Christmas Parades into Holiday Parades is being nitpicky compared to what other countries are experiencing.
Don't believe for a minute that the invasion hasn't already begun in our own country. Look at this map 'Known Islamist Extremist Terrorist Cells in the USA'
Those who are promoting 'Open Borders' really need to consider where we are in history at this point and realize that this is not the time to have 'open borders'.

Who do they target? The poor. Those with a lack of skills and/or a lack of a good education. Those who are 'lost'. The ones who do not have a strong belief in God, or a strong belief that there is no God, or even a strong belief in their own selves. Even the well educated can be sucked in due to their low self esteem or need to belong to something bigger than themselves.

Here is the site I found that map at and probably everything you ever wanted to know about the Muslim Extremists and what they have done.
In a previous thread of mine it was mentioned that someone could not express their Christian belief in school but that other religions were allowed to do so. This is wrong and must be stopped. Meaning... No Religion in school during class time PERIOD!
Here is an Asian View in the Asian Times called: 'From Cold War to Holy War' Granted it is old - 2003 - but has it changed much?

From the article: Killing in the Name of God: The Problem of Holy War

"In the Islamic tradition, there is a similar mixture of values restraining war along with others promoting it.

The Qur'an repeatedly refers to God as compassionate and just. It also says that "there is no compulsion in religion" (2:256): submission to God must be freely chosen, not forced (Ali). The Qur'an urges Muslims to use "beautiful preaching" to persuade people to accept Islam and to "argue nicely" with Jews and Christians who are seen as worshipping the same God as their own (16:125, 29:46, Firestone). This is probably the attitude of most Muslim people today. Jewish and Christian communities have often been tolerated and protected under Muslim rule.

Muhammad was said to have practiced non-violence early in his prophetic career but soon came to believe that God commanded the use of force, not only in defense of his growing religious community (Qur'an 22:39-40) but also in the form of offensive jihad to expand the territory of Islam. (Kelsay; Firestone)

The word jihad, by the way, means struggle or effort. Jihad can refer to the struggle of the individual Muslim to conform his or her will to Allah's, or to a peaceful effort to persuade others to accept Islam. But jihad can also mean holy war. In fact, there's a sense in which the only completely just war in Islamic terms is a holy war since it has to be approved by proper religious authorities and waged to defend or promote Islam or the Muslim community. (Kelsay; Johnson)

In spite of the Qur'anic statement against forcing religion on others, Muslim leaders have sometimes threatened to kill unbelievers if they did not accept Islam (Peters). Although Islam spread to some parts of the world like Indonesia mainly by means of "beautiful preaching," much of its expansion elsewhere was due to offensive war, first by Muhammad to unify Arabia, then by his followers in conquering Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Persia, parts of India, North Africa, Spain, Turkey and the Balkans.

Now, Muhammad and his successors did express some important moral rules for fighting holy wars: women, children and the elderly were not to be directly attacked (though they could be enslaved). Jihad was not supposed to be total war involving indiscriminate killing (in spite of what Osama bin Laden might claim). But Muslim leaders were permitted by Muhammad to kill all captured soldiers and male civilians if they were not Muslims or had abandoned Islam. The fact that you might be a civilian or a soldier who had surrendered didn't necessarily protect you from being killed after a battle against Muslims was over. Thus, Islam traditionally did not have a generic principle of noncombatant immunity though many Muslim leaders today uphold such a principle. (Kelsay; Johnson)"

Is this why Zarqawi was 'allowed' to say that killing of fellow Muslims is justified as long as the target is American or Coaliton Troops?

Why is it that more leaders of the Muslim Community won't condemn what Bin Laden and his followers are doing? I mean out loud. I mean in the same way that riots AGAINST the U.S. are created. I mean that pictures of Bin Laden should BURN instead of the United States Flag!!
I am against torturing people but making someone lay on a cold floor is not torture.

In case you missed it, this is from the above article, "But Muslim leaders were permitted by Muhammad to kill all captured soldiers and male civilians if they were not Muslims or had abandoned Islam. The fact that you might be a civilian or a soldier who had surrendered didn't necessarily protect you from being killed after a battle against Muslims was over."
Does that sound like the people we are fighting care if we follow the Geneva Convention? Being nice to them is NOT going to get them to be nice to us - and protect our soldiers if captured.

Is the Neo-Conservative Right playing a much larger role in our International Relations than we need them to?
What is 'Straussian Conservatism'?
I have been looking through a site (Islam-World) that is supposedly promoting Islam as a peace loving religion. Included in this site are links to Jihad sites. Upon opening some of these I have found many explanations about why the Quran can be viewed as promoting Jihad - Holy War. As with many things, we can find people who view the exact same words with opposite meaning.

I noticed a link called 'Evaluation of Human Rights in Islam'. The second last paragraph says this: "Based on faith in God, the Islamic perspective on human rights is comprehensive and deep. Quran repeatedly confirmed and assured the equality of all individuals and guaranteed their rights to live in peace, free of oppression or fear."

This does not sound like the Muslim Nations of the Middle East to me.
We have groups here in the U.S. that concentrate ALL their effort on what the U.S. has done 'wrong'.
I agree. The U.S. has not been perfect... we will NEVER be perfect.
Even those that want to 'Blame America First' have got to realize that the problems in this world cannot be fixed simply by blaming the United States for everything. Other countries, societies, religions... play a role in the world and they have to assume some responsibility.

Anyway.. I don't really care what Political Party you associate yourself with ... I don't really care if you consider yourself 'far left', 'far right', in the 'middle', or from 'outer space'... We have got to stick together as 'Americans', as human beings, and fight this battle or we will lose it to those that can 'suck in' the weaker ones among us and destroy us no matter what we believe is 'best' for our society.

Just STOP KIDDING YOURSELVES - it isn't just US and what WE do. This is a Holy War.

Posted by Dawn at June 22, 2005 12:07 PM