Roadrunners & Coyotes

The coyote saws off a branch where the roadrunner is standing. But the roadrunner is left standing, defying gravity, while the tree and the coyote go down. That is what is happened with the President and his opponents. Before the U.S. elections, I heard a lot of talk about President Bush’s isolation. Bush and all those supporting him would crash and burn when the people went to the polls, I heard. Well, Howard survived in Australia. Blair got nicked but remained standing and of course Bush won in the U.S. I think they call that a trifecta.

On the other hand, unlike the South, Kerry will never rise again. Chirac can't muster the votes to win what he thought was a slam dunk referendum on Europe and Gerhard Schroeder has had to call early elections after the opposition won a landslide election victory in North Rhine-Westphalia. This has not happened for almost forty years. It is a lot like the Republicans sweeping Massachusetts or Vermont.

Of course, how the people in France or Germany vote is none of America's business, just like it was none of their business how we voted in November. But I can't help noticing that, with the exception of the Spanish, who were spooked by the terror attacks, standing with George Bush didn't cause the voters to kick anyone out. On the other hand, a couple of Wiley Coyotes are wondering how Bush, Blair and Howard defied gravity while they plummet to the bottom of the canyon.

I wonder if Chirac and Schroeder will make little puffs of smoke and leave a man shaped hole in the ground.

Posted by Jack at May 26, 2005 10:21 PM