'Wear it on your sleeve.'

People complain about President Bush and how he ‘Wears his faith on his sleeve’. What does that mean?…and why complain about it? I believe that faith is not the only thing being worn like that.

So what? The man believes that their is a 'superior being' that guides him in the decisions he makes. Isn't this better than a man who believes he is the superior being?
A big complaint has to do with Pres. Bush taking us to war.
How could a 'Godfearing' man send our soldiers into a 'War on Terror'? a War in Afghanistan? a War in Iraq? Exactly what convinces a man who claims to have such a strong faith in 'God' to take us to war?
Others who believe tend to think that the evil in our world can be extinguished through talk and a good example.
Are we in the ultimate fight between Good & Evil?
I agree that the fight cannot be won without erradicating such things as poverty and the lack of education.
Should Bush have not taken us to War and concentrated more on the more peaceful means - weren't we already doing that without success?
I am outraged because we seem to be 'walking on eggshells' when it comes to our fight with the Muslim World - the fight is with the radicals - the ones who want to chop off the heads of anyone who does not believe in their form of Islam. These are the same people who saw the U.S. as 'weak' in the years before Bush took office.
I want to know how Bush can take us to War and at the same time expect us to kiss butt in the Middle East?
The fine line. Is that what it is? We have to bring the average everyday Muslim over to our side by not offending their Religion? Just how is this done? This seems to be an impossible task.

The reason for the title - 'Wear it on your sleeve' ....

The other night I was watching 'After Words'. Michael Eric Dyson, author of 'Is Bill Cosby Right? Or has the Black Middle Class Lost it's Mind?', was speaking about his disapproval of things that Bill Cosby has said recently about African Americans.
It seems that Bill Cosby wants black Americans to take responsibilty for themselves and stop playing the victim because he feels it has not been working. Mr. Dyson is outraged because he thinks that African Americans should always be defined by their race first.

We have many who are outraged by the 'Christian Right'. This is a group who is defining themselves as 'Christian first'.
We do not need a religious group taking over our country. What we need is our country to be a moral leader without actually having a particular religion 'in charge'. Why is it that any one group thinks they are morally superior?

Liberal, Conservative, Moderate ...
What makes any of us think that a particular group can solve all the problems that face us today?

From political parties, to race, to financial status, to what country they live in... Everyone these days seems to have something that they use to define who they are - something that puts them in some kind of a group that makes them feel superior to others.
We will never get along and live in the peaceful world most ALL of us hope for without practicing one basic principle...
We are ALL HUMAN BEINGS - all basically the same. We need the same things to survive and to ensure the existence of our species...SUNLIGHT, RAIN, OXYGEN, FOOD --

From the 'War on Terror' to the 'War on Poverty' nothing will ever really be accomplished as long as human beings are not put first. Those who are in charge are not doing this. They are putting their 'groups' first. Fighting over things like who will get the credit if something goes right. Fighting over who will get the blame is something goes wrong.
Everyone needs to take a step back, a deep breathe, and figure out how they can make this world a better place without getting a pat on the back for it.
I am not sure everything I wrote got my point across.
Many of the fights are for a good cause. My question is:
Are the different groups actually going about it the right way?

Posted by Dawn at May 25, 2005 5:59 PM