How we can lose the war on terror

—through a total lack of moral clarity. Just take a look at this latest debacle of journalistic dis-integrity…

We have at least 15 dead. Not because anyone was beheading muslims at guantanamo, or even worse, saying Mohammed might find a couple of wives at the Miss. World pageant if he were alive today, (over 100+ dead from that). No, Newsweek was hot to print every detail it could about how we mistreat and violate the rights of unlawful combatants, whether it was all true and verifiable or not.

Of course I expect the left to jump up now and make the argument that putting a Quran in the toilet is protected speech. Oh, wait, it's only protected speech if the federal government pays you thousands to do it.

I seem to recall some protesting of various Federally funded 'works of art', (using the phrase loosely). How many died in those Christian riots by the way?

May 23 issue - By the end of the week, the rioting had spread from Afghanistan throughout much of the Muslim world, from Gaza to Indonesia. Mobs shouting "Protect our Holy Book!" burned down government buildings and ransacked the offices of relief organizations in several Afghan provinces. The violence cost at least 15 lives, injured scores of people and sent a shudder through Washington, where officials worried about the stability of moderate regimes in the region. msnbc

What strikes me as bizarre in all this is the apparent moral equivalence granted by our press between these rioters and the "torturers" at guantanamo. What's even worse is that we are going to legitimize these riots as morally acceptable responses to our supposedly immoral actions by promising to be more respectful and more sensitive next time.

Let's get some things straight here. 1) They don't need a reason to riot; they just need an excuse. Let's get it over with shall we? and 2) No matter how offended they may be that still doesn't entitle them to ram planes into our buildings or declare jihad on us infidels.

The same offended muslims shouting for blood and killing their fellow muslims in outrage have yet to riot about Al Qaeda beheading muslims. Nor were they too concerned when Saddam was murdering hundreds of thousands.

Contrast our treatment, (downright coddling under the circumstances,) of prisoners caught engaging in battle with our troops, with that of the enemy:

Beheading as an execution option remains a part of the criminal legal code in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Qatar, Haykel said. Only Saudi Arabia continues the practice.

However, insurgents justify the decapitations they conduct by pointing to spiritual laws, Haykel said.

"The terrorists have said ... the movement of al Qaeda represents the true Islamic state... and [they] claim the right to kill prisoners of war," said Haykel, the author of several books on Islam.

"That is consistent with Islamic law if one recognizes al Qaeda as the properly constituted head of the Islamic state," Haykel said. "It is a legitimate practice in Islamic law to behead your enemy if the ruler so deems it as a punishment that is required." cnn

Welcome to the war on terror. Any thoughts?

Posted by Eric Simonson at May 16, 2005 3:38 AM