Environmentalists Have Their Cake, Want To Eat It Too

Environmentalists agree with the rest of America that we need alternative sources of fuel. But not in their backyards.

Environmental advocates and other assorted NIMBY* and BANANA** people are doing their darnedest to prevent the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from installing new terminals, which is the first step towards getting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - a clean and efficient alternative to gasoline and heating oil - onto the market.

A few LNG terminals currently exist, and busriders in Boston can attest that their new LNG buses are a boon to city air. But without sufficient offloading facilities, other cities won't be able to take advantage of this superior new fuel.

See tomorrow's CS Monitor for the latest on jurisdictional conflicts in attempting to build the new terminals.

California's Energy Commission has a helpful website on LNG facts and history.

* NIMBY: "Not In My Back Yard"
** BANANA: "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone"

Posted by Chops at May 5, 2005 4:49 PM