Protect our Border - Protect our Kids

Some people believe that the only ‘problem’ we have on the border is people who cross illegally.
There is much more to the issue.

Many of these people who cross are bringing more than themselves.
They are bringing things with them that they may or may not know they have ...

- Leprosy (It's back!)-
- Tuberculosis (16,ooo+new/yr) -
- Hepatitis - Can't find a good link. Know of one?
- Chagas Disease ('The Kiss of Death')-
- Malaria -
-Neurocysticercosis(caused by the parasite Taenia solium -It's a tapeworm!)-
A lot of Hispanics are living in - Colonias -
What Health and Crime Maps Reveal by Bill Sardi.

Is protecting our borders really Racist?
My opinion is NO.
Just because the majority of illegals coming across are of one race, it does not make this a race issue. Those who want open borders will try ANYTHING to accomplish their goal and this is simply part of it.

Last night Lou Dobbs had a segment discussing whose jobs are REALLY threatened by the illegal immigrants.
(The show is slow with transcripts so it is just a link to his site.)
Surprisingly?? enough it is the jobs of the Hispanics who came before them - legally.
A 'guest worker' program along with a picture ID may ot be such a bad idea. It would also give protection against being exploited in the work force.

Before you go blaming all of this on Bush, don't forget that Kerry was not for solving this problem either. When it came to this issue - they pretty much agreed.
Most of our Politicians were ignoring this problem until the Minuteman Project came along.

Posted by Dawn at May 3, 2005 9:40 AM