U.S. Public Education in Need of Major Reform

The public education system in the United States is in need of some major repairs.

We continue to try to improve results by throwing more money at the problem. I think that the results show that money is not the issue. We need to introduce competition into the public school system. Charter schools and vouchers are a great way to try and improve the overall system. Critics argue that you are only going to make the situation worse by taking more money away from the public school system. I disagree. The money that will be taken away is the amount that the state, theoretically, would have spent on that student anyway. Therfore, if that student is no longer attending the school will have decreased costs and will not actually have any less money.

Another way that we can work towards improving the schools is to reduce the number of administrators. How may administrators does one school district need. As others have proposed, we need to make sure that we spend at least a majority, if not more, of the budget on the students, not on administrators.

Schools also need to stop worrying about being so accomodating and worrying so much about offending anyone. In life you are going to be offended at some point by something that is said or something that you read. Schools do not need to be value neutral environments. They need to teach kids ethical values and help them to develop good character.

Finally, sex education is not the business of a public school. It is the business of parents. Schools need to stop teaching students how to put condoms on bananas.

Unless some of these issues are addressed we will continue to throw money into the black hole that we call public education.

Posted by Nathan Melton at April 30, 2005 11:34 AM