Who has the right idea ?

I have been writing on this blog for sometime now. It has been awhile since I posted a new thread. I ask you … who is right? Is it the Liberals who ‘appear’ to dislike everything about this country or is it the Conservatives who appear to like most things and can admit that many things need adjustment?

Take for example ... the differences in opinions on what our Founding Fathers meant when they declared the separation between Church and State.
Many people believe that God and Religion have no place in government.
Many people believe that one should not be in charge of such a vast nation if they do not believe in a 'higher power'.
Liberals tend to believe that man can do just fine without the 'Fear of God'. That the good in mankind is just 'built in'. That it is just part of human nature and there is no need for religion since there is no hard evidence that God exists.
Conservatives don't put the same trust in man as Liberals do. Conservatives do not want someone with a 'GOD Complex' in office. No. Bush does not have a 'GOD Complex'.
When is the last time someone gained office who stated they did NOT believe in God, that there is no such thing, and they can be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to all the rest of us?

Do Liberals really believe that the World would be a much better place if the U.S. cut back on their military? Do they think that the rest of the World will 'calm down' and live more peacefully if the U.S. wasn't such a powerful Nation?
They can't possibly believe that. Maybe the Liberals can envision a peaceful world if the U.S. wasn't THE Superpower that it is BUT who would the rest of the World call on when they need help? Oh. That's right ... no one would need help if the U.S. would simply back down.
China is doing well. Their plan to become the World Leader is playing out nicely, and without force. The Conservatives in the U.S. do not want to control the World. Our government is having a hard enough time controlling our own trade issues - actually they are doing a fine job not controlling them, and this did not begin with Bush. Just how do we stop being walked on without offending?
I don't see how our country will survive if we continue to walk on egg shells with some of these countries we trade with.

Do Liberals really believe that the U.N. is fine the way it is? That we don't need someone representing the U.S. who can do something to promote change. Change like a more transparent U.N.?
Change like dividing the things the U.N. does into separate entities? In different buildings? With different people?
The U.N. needs reform. Instead of just bashing the guy who Bush wants in there I would like to hear a name of someone who would be a better choice. A name that could actually be considered.
The U.S. is not to blame for all the problems at the U.N. and Liberals must want change - just not the way Bush wants to do it? Put a Kofi suck-up in there? That's the solution?

Do Liberals really believe that Conservatives don't care about the poor? the minorities? education?
Why do they say that we don't? Just to be heard and claim they are for a cause that the Conservatives don't care about - even if it isn't true?
Liberals may not like the 'No Child Left Behind' program but I haven't really heard any alternatives. Just bashing about how it hasn't been funded properly.
Didn't the Democrats attempt 'Welfare Reform'? I've heard of more people being hurt by that than helped. The Conservatives don't want to take people's checks away - they want to get them into a position where they can help themselves and do away with their own checks.
Bush has placed more minorities in higher positions than any Democrat ever did. Oh ... that's right. It doesn't count because since they are Conservative Republicans they aren't 'true' minorities. They are misguided. Right?

If being a Liberal is the right thing to be - why aren't there more of them in the highest positions of power? Oh. That's right ... still too many stupid or uninformed voters.

Now that I am finished bashing Liberals... maybe we can have an honest discussion about the issues. I do doubt it though since every time there is a post in the Red column it attracts those who hate Conservatives like flies to .... (Which I am attempting to do right now and shouldn't have any trouble doing it.)
It would help if people explained why they take an opposite view. It would help if people listened and tried to understand the 'other side'. There are several regular - left unnamed - bloggers on this site who really don't add to the discussions.
Why is it that one side or the other feels the need to always be right? This I will never comprehend.
Watchblog is a great thing to be a part of - though it appears to be 2 against 1 most of the time.
We need to back off of the bashing if we are ever going to accomplish anything.
I know... I just got done bashing. Mainly to get attention and draw people to this thread.
I don't hate Liberals - I have a hard time understanding them because they don't give me the chance.
They are good at turning a discussion into an arguement.
I have a hard time understanding how they get away with some of the things they say while at the same time not letting others talk.

Ok. Ready.

Posted by Dawn at April 23, 2005 9:56 PM