Down with the Punitive Tax System!

The deadline looms for all of our taxes to be in, and what better time than this to debate reforming our current (and definately) punitive tax system?

Every year, we Americans either spend hundreds of dollars sending our taxes to H&R Block, or we spend hours attempting to decipher our taxes ourselves.

While doing my own taxes this year, the same frustrating questions kept erupting in my mind:

Why does it have to be SO hard?

Since when should married couples be penalized by paying higher taxes?

Why is it that the more money you work harder for, the more the government takes from you? Since when was the United States socialist, and why are we penalized for working so hard to bring home more bacon?

Why do I get taxed for owning my property?

My personal opinion is that we should all be taxed AT THE SAME RATE. This way there is no inequality. The socialsts can't complain the rich are not paying enough (but I'm sure they'll find a way), and to appease the Democratic voting base, lets just eliminate taxes on those who make under a certain dollar amount a year.

While we're at it, lets also abolish property taxes, and make it up in sales tax. Property taxes are an awful concept, because it really can strain the elderly, and the more their home appreciates, the more they pay, and often are forced to move, because of the tax increase. I know there are exemptions, but not without strings attached. There's the application, and then you must be "approved". Replacing this with a sales tax, will most likely bring in more money, and you control what you pay in, in a sense.

Of course, there is much debate on the subject, and loads of articles, all with different ideas on how to make this work. But, the concept is the same:

It would be FAIR. The only people I would see complaining is people with "old money" like the Kennedys, because they do not pay income tax on their wealth, and they would get sacked by sales tax if they bought that multi-million dollar Lear jet. But, then again, so would everybody, so it's still a fair practice. The loophole the closes is what I'm going to call "the old money" loophole, and there's alot to be had there, so that should please the socialists who are always looking for a way to play liberal Robin Hood, and take from the rich.

Nobody could complain, because we all pay in at the same rate, and if you eliminate all the loopholes and schedules, it would be easy.

Citizens for a Sound Economy offers many articles featuring the pros of a flat tax economy. President Bush made passing comments on moving towards a flat tax system, and I hoping his administration is quietly working on this.

Maybe someday soon Americans won't need to waste countless hours and money trying to make sense of a punitive tax system.

Posted by Lisa Zeimetz at March 31, 2005 9:11 PM