No right turns on campus - yet

A couple of stories of academia caught my attention today. The University of Colorado is firing a professor for what he said.

No it is not Ward Churchill, who famously called the victims of 9/11 little Nazis and seems to have been credentially challenged when he got tenure. The faculty and media jumped defend to his right to speak. No this is a poor guy named Phil Mitchell, who made the mistake of criticizing affirmative action. You can say what you want, as long as it is politically correct. Meanwhile, Bill Kristol was hit in the face with a pie (but it was a soft pie) and Ann Coulter was shouted down Both of the latter cases ended more or less amicably, although the report of the Coulter affair was subheaded:

"Heckling, standing ovations interrupt right-wing commentator".

Notice the label. I don't think the same modification would be used for left-wingers. I did a google search on Michael Moore and Al Franken, who are to the left of center about as far as Coulter in right, and didn't find them so labeled.

Actually, I find the campus leftist radicals are more to be pitied than censured. History has passed them by; they just ain't got the news. The future belongs to the free. Expect the right lane to open soon.

Posted by Jack at March 31, 2005 1:06 PM