Pro-life ought to mean it

[Missing link added, with apologies] “Much as I deplore the G.O.P.’s willingness to throw federalism and enumerated powers out of the window,” CATO’s Gene Healy writes in a post I wish I had written, “there is something admirable about a political movement that can agonize this much about a solitary human life.” He decries an inconsistent overlap between pro-life conservatism and glib pro-Iraq war conservatism. “If … you’d move heaven, earth, and the federal courts to save [Terri Schiavo], then you ought to feel more than a twinge about a little girl covered in the blood of her dead mother and father, killed by Americans who were understandably frightened and didn’t sign up for this. A twinge for her and for them and for countless others.”

Posted by Matthew Hogan at March 28, 2005 6:07 PM