Affirmative Action: A New Application

With October comes the World Series and with the World Series comes the inevitable debate about large market teams versus small market teams, teams that try to buy championships and those that cannot afford to buy championships. Unfortunately that is the reality of professional sports, but I have found a way to make it more equal: apply affirmative action to baseball.

I cannot believe that someone has not thought of this before. We have affirmative action in employment, college admissions, and in the awarding of government contracts. Why do we not have affirmative action in Major League Baseball? This is the perfect solution. Not only will it benefit the teams themselves, but it will also benefit all of those baseball fans whose team has not won a World Series in many years, and those who have never got to a World Series, let alone win one.

Here is how it will work. We will legislate that both a large market team and a small market team have to make it to the World Series each year. Not only will they have to be classified by large and small markets, but also by which region of the country they come from. For example we can have the New York Yankees, a large market team that comes from the East, and the San Diego Padres, a small market team that comes from the West. Therefore we will be able to make it equal not based on just size of market, but also by region of the country. Of course we will have to alternate years between regions of the country, as well as alternate the size of market criteria between the American League and the National League. This will take care of the size and location inequities inherent in a competitive sport.

The other thing that we need to worry about is making sure that inferior teams, i.e. those who have no chance of actually making it to the World Series, still have a chance to win the World Series. This can be accomplished by setting up a complete schedule as to who goes to the World Series and wins it each year. This way we can make sure that those who work harder to get to the World Series do not have an unfair advantage over those who choose to depend on this new system to get them to the World Series, rather than hard work.

This new system will allow even Chicago Cubs fans to celebrate a World Series victory after some 80 years. Who knows, if this system is successful, maybe next year we can expand it to the National Football League.

Posted by Nathan Melton at March 28, 2005 10:17 AM