Err on the Side of Life

I think that George Bush’s recent signing of the bill concerning Terri Schiavo and his comments that we should “err on the side of life” are both accurate representations of what government should be doing. Going back to John Locke, the father of classical liberalism, which in many respects is the same as modern conservatism, government’s job was to protect life, liberty, and property. These were the only functions of government. It is therefore appropriate that the government chose to intervene in this instance.

Liberals are upset and feel that the government should not be involved in matters of life and death, yet the government is involved in these types of things everyday. These same liberals who picket outside of prisons where someone is about to be executed, these same liberals who concern themselves with whales or dolphins who have beached themselves, are the same ones who could care less when a human life is at stake. They show great concern for convicted murderers about to go to the gas chamber, but show little if any concern for a women who is going to slowly starve to death, all because she has a selfish husband who no longer wants to be burdened with her.

The liberals are the ones who believe that government should use its power in a positive way to help a person bring about their full potential. Is Terri Schiavo's full potential to be starved to death through a slow, painful process? I do not think so. I believe that this case shows that the left in America is as morally bankrupt as we all believed them to be. But, after all they are the people who support abortion on demand. I just never thought that it applied to aborting those who are already born.

The federal courts have also done their part in contributing to this great injustice. Those vaunted judges who listen to the inane appeals of those sentenced to die, have now twice denied the re-insertion of Terri's feeding tube, because they do not see merit in the arguments of her parents. Have they taken testimony themselves? NO! This is not an instance where you can sit back and wait for judges to hold a lengthy trial and then make a decision . Terri might be dead by then. The judges should do as George Bush suggested and "err on the side of life."

Posted by Nathan Melton at March 24, 2005 10:22 PM