George Bush and a World Transformed

George Bush is transforming the United States and the world. His team suffers setbacks and there is a lot of shouting, but the juggernaut moves inexorably forward. People should get used to the fact that the President says what he means and does what he says.

George Bush is not trying to change the world. He is recognizing that the world HAS changed and is using it. It is like paddling down a white water river. You can't resist the current, but if you are skillful in using it you sucessfully run the rapids. The status quo of the 1990s is gone; some people just ain't got the news.

I am impressed by the Bush team. All I can see is that step-by-step, Bush is achieving his agenda and making it the new status quo. Tax cuts, Afghanistan, midterm Republican gains in Congress, rapid victory in Iraq, reelection and more Republican gains in Congress, Iraq elections, tort reform - the list just keep on growing. Bush's opponents keep on underestimating him. Opponents complain that his victories are incomplete but please point to a significant victory his opponents have enjoyed - and held on to.

I too am perplexed by the process. How does it work? I have come to believe that the secret is simple persistence. The Bush team just keeps on coming back. They suffer setbacks, but they come back. I am reminded the Romans and Phyrrus of Epirus. Phyrrus was a relative of Alexander the Great and in theory had everything going for him. He was the sophisticated leader with what passed for world public opinion firmly behind him. At the invitation of Greek cities on Italy, he fought the Romans, and he defeated them. But they refused to give up. He defeated them again. They were back. He dealt them a third blow. They came back for more. Finally Phyrrus went home taking with him the cold comfort that he had defeated the Romans. But at the end of the day, what counts is who is still standing and the Romans were still standing. Just like George Bush.

Posted by Jack at March 19, 2005 10:29 AM