The Ravens of ANWR

Not only do we have to worry about the drilling effecting the wildlife, the Ravens are taking over.
There are people on both sides of this issue that have strong opinions for and against drilling in ANWR.
As long as strict rules are implemented that protect the area why is there a problem?

Raven Story
I guess my main problem with this whole thing is the length of time before even a drop of crude is removed from the region.
10+ years?
We could have new technology in place by then. We don't even need the oil if things are moved along.
GM has posted big losses due to poor sales because of high gasoline prices. In my opinion, the best thing GM can do to boost sales is make their vehicles more fuel efficient or have them run on alternative fuels. Maybe they should sell their stock in the oil companies to pay for it. (I don't know this. Just assuming.)

My second problem is the enormous profits that the oil companies will make off the land owned by 'We the People'. Has anyone heard if the oil company that will be doing the drilling will have to share the profits with the government - us?
Will they reap all the benefits while making money off of us at the pumps too?
In this article Senate OKs oil drilling in Alaska
there is talk of leasing tracts of land. How much? Where does the money go?
My suggestion is that the profits should be shared with the American people.
The money should be used for things such as SS, Education, Medicaid, Medicare. Things that will benefit us and not just the oil companies.
Maybe even put an equal share in private retirement accounts for everyone of working age.

We have issues with the way oil money is spent in the Middle East. We do not like the governments getting rich while the people stay poor.
Why should our oil companies get richer and not have to share the wealth gained by drilling on government(our) land?

The money should be deposited right into the accounts where it will do the most good. Not put into a 'general fund' where our politicians can 'play with it' and maybe spend it on what are usually programs that do not benefit all of us.

Posted by Dawn at March 17, 2005 11:01 AM