The 'Purple Party'

A new Political Party is emerging. It is called the Moderate Party. At the risk? of helping a new party gain ground … we at Watchblog should take a look and debate the Pledge, Philosophy, and Platform of this new party.

We all know how difficult it is for a new Political Party to emerge in the United States. One that can actually be considered legitimate and gain ground in the world of politics as we know it.
With our two major parties being so well defined, and having people who can promote them as if they were born to it, they easily convince the American people that no new Party could ever help in the way that they do and should be dismissed as a fly by night scheme trying to trick us into believing our Political Parties are not really looking out for us.
This new party is trying to attract those that are not diehard Democrats or Republicans and believe that there truely is a middle ground.
I am not trying to promote this party. I just received the info this morning about the new website and in no way have made up my mind about it.

Party Pledge

First paragraph:
"We feel that in creating a new and progressive political party that all of our philosophies should be innovative and evolutionary. We wish to succeed by finally bringing real change and 21st century ideas into the political arena."

Paragraph 6:
"We will stress strong moral values and an idea that we all must work together to make this great nation even better, while continuing to defend the constitutional rights of every individual to personal liberty and freedom."


"I. Morality
The Moral Principle of the Moderate party draws from across all the major faiths, and serves as the central guidepost for our stance on the treatment of all humanity, and indeed, all of the world.

a.We believe that the cross-faith principle of treating each other with the love, respect, compassion, and dignity with which we would want to be treated is the basic moral code by which all decisions affecting humanity must be made.
b.We believe that the larger needs of the majority must be placed above the individual and specialized interests of the few. Dedication to the common need must trump an emphasis on personal greed."

Party Platform

"Recognition of Unmarried Partners
In agreement with the principles expressed in the Moderate Party's philosophical statement:

The Moderate Party supports the creation of civil unions to provide economic and familial benefits to mutually consenting adult couples.

The Moderate Party opposes any Constitutional Amendment which sacrifices legal recognition of the committed relationships of consenting adult couples on political, economic, or religious grounds.

Although we understand that the federal government must at times, in the interest of the American people, pass legislation limiting our personal liberties, we feel this legislation should only be passed through laws and the government should never use the constitution of the United States to restrict personal liberties."

Let's debate.
Does this New Party sound more Democrat or Republican?
Can it truely emerge as a 'middle of the road' Party?

I do not see any candidates named. They must find candidates to do anything.
They also link themselves with "Independent Nation". A Centrist Coalition. This coalition does have favorite politicians who are split evenly between Democrats and Republicans.

Posted by Dawn at March 12, 2005 10:52 AM