Fatwa on Bin Laden

The ‘good’ Muslim leaders of Spain, Morocco, and Lybia are finally speaking out against Bin Laden and his followers.
Why has it taken so long and why aren’t their more of them doing this around the world?

"The fatwa said that, in accordance with the Koran, "the terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden and his organisation al-Qa'eda... are totally banned and must be roundly condemned as part of Islam"."

A quote from news.telegraph

According to the article, the train bombing was in retaliation for something that happened in 1492!
From the article:
"The fatwa condemning bin Laden has particular resonance for Spain because after the attacks a group allied to al-Qa'eda, the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, stated that the attacks on Spain were revenge for the loss of the Spanish Muslim kingdom of al-Andalus in 1492.

The statement said: "This is part of settling old accounts with Spain, the crusader and America's ally in its war against Islam.""

The 'War on Terror' needs Muslim leaders to condemn these people and their acts. Muslim leaders need to come out and say the terrorists are in the war against Islam - not the U.S. and it's ally's.

Another quote from the article:
"The statement was intended as a move to rehabilitate the reputation of the Spanish Muslim community after the attacks, when Islamist terrorists exploded 10 bombs on commuter trains in Madrid, killing 191 and injuring 1,500."

Though this 'Fatwa' seems to be politically motivated, it is a start.

I've decided to add another side to all of this.
I was looking through the 'related' stories and came upon this one:
Media Asked Not to Publish Madrid Images
A request was made to stop showing footage of the train bombings. It was made on behalf of the victims.
I can understand them not wanting to see the footage again and again - BUT- when the footage is not shown, those that were not directly affected by the attack lose their ability to recall how horrible it was and the way they felt at that moment. The strong feelings to do something about the terrorists fades away until the next terrorist act happens.
This has happened here too. We remember how horrible 9/11 was and certain things trigger the feelings we had that day.
Not all of us are able to hold a grudge for 500 years. We need to be reminded of how we felt to keep up the fight.
Not being shown the footage of the terrorist attacks may be helping them more than it is helping us.

Reminding us of those attacks by showing them, condemning them and denouncing those who commit the attacks should all be done in unison.

Posted by Dawn at March 11, 2005 9:12 AM