Degrading America - Part 2

CNN has reported a disturbing account of a three-star General’s comments on how it was fun to shoot enemy combatants. No doubt, this is an embarrassing account of a distinguished soldier’s loose tongue, but the context in which the remarks were delivered might have made his slip somewhat more excusable. But unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that General Mattis has made a feature presentation in the news.

We saw him last April in a Wall Street Journal piece, when he made the decision to relieve Marine Col. Dowdy of command. It was the only incident in the Iraq war in which a senior military officer was dismissed of duty. The short of it: Mattis sacked him because he made decisions in combat to protect his men, rather than moving them through hostile territory as quickly as he might have.

Put these two articles together, and you will see a picture of a high-ranking officer who fails to place adequate importance on the lives of both his own men and the enemy's.

General Mattis has broken no laws that should jeopardize his position, nor has he failed in accomplishing the military goals he set out to achieve. However, American soldiers in Iraq must exemplify the highest standards of moral conduct. They have a duty first to protect their fellow soldiers, and secondly to respect the Iraqi people for whom they came to fight. As one of the highest ranking officers in Iraq, Mattis must be held in the highest respect by his men for modeling these ideals. He has failed in this regard.

The last impression the world should have of our forces in Iraq is an image of whooping, trigger-happy Marines letting loose with machine guns like kids in a shooting gallery. As a conservative who believes in the sanctity of life, and as a supporter of the mission of our troops in Iraq, I call for General Mattis' resignation.

Posted by Gandhi at February 4, 2005 12:05 AM