Degrading America

As a Republican, and a supporter of the President, it is not lightly that I move almost immediately to take the focus off a very successful election in Iraq. However, the administration’s decisive victory over its violent opponents abroad could - and should - be completely negated by its shaming in front of supporters at home if allegations reported in this AP story are true.

Rarely do I agree with Maureen Dowd, but I am with her 100% when she writes:

Such behavior degrades the women who are doing it, the men they are doing it to, and the country they are doing it for.

The use of sexual temptation to break inmates' faith in God is simply disgusting. Females contracted as interrogators dressed as prostitutes, and physically sexually molested prisoners. For a nation whose first freedom is that of religion, this abuse is as severe a violation of the Constitution as murder and as severe a violation of the rights endowed by our Creator as chattel slavery.

The only appropriate response is to give a dishonorable discharge to every military officer engaged in or aware of this conduct, as well as the superiors of those involved. General officers have an active responsibility to monitor those below them; negligence alone is grounds for dismissal. Whoever ordered or approved it must be court-martialed.

I want blood. Heads must roll. As a Republican, as an American, as a human, I will accept no excuse for this.

Posted by Chops at January 31, 2005 11:06 AM