Time for a new Party

If ever there were a time in our history for a new Political Party to emerge …
Right now there is a great opportunity for a new party. Will those involved realize this and make their move?

The Democratic Party is being 'hijacked' by the likes of Michael Moore.
Some people like this because the Democrats are in the spotlight and much of the Party's Agenda is being highlighted.
Some don't like the people who are now representing them so loudly. Some believe they are too far left.
Some believe that the Radical Left is not only trying to 'hijack' the Party but the whole country.

Same goes for the Right.
There are people who feel the Republican Party is being 'hijacked' by the Radical Right.
That Religion is being forced on our country.
That if you believe in a woman's freedom to have an abortion you do not 'belong' in the Republican Party. ( I've only had Democrats tell me I am in the 'wrong' Party for this reason - no Republicans.)

As far as I can tell it is only the Far Left that believes our country is being 'hijacked' by Religious Zealots. Moderate Democrats don't seem to have a 'fear' of God and Religion.
I have heard many Democrats say that they have to relearn how to speak to the church goers in our country.
The moderate Republicans feel that they should be able to practice their Religion and not be made to do this 'in secret'. That having a Nativity Scene in public is not meant to be offensive. That Religion is not something that should be 'forced' on people.

People on the outer edges of both Parties have to learn to tolerate better. Both are 'forcing' their beliefs on us and claiming their way is the 'right way'.

There are some big name Politicians on both sides who are unhappy with the 'hijacking' of their Parties.
There are few who have an enormous National following. There are a few who could obtain a National following easily.
These people have an opportunity right now to denounce their Parties due to their Radical Agendas and break out on their own.
It can be done. A new Party could emerge that is centered and can attract the moderates from both sides.
This may be the best thing to happen to Politics in our Country in a long time.
Will it happen?

Posted by Dawn at January 28, 2005 9:23 AM