And Which Ones Would Have Complied With the Gun Ban?

If private possession of firearms were banned, which of the two pairs in this story , would have been likely to comply — the near-victims or the late criminals? “[She] tried to open the register, but one of the men told her she wasn’t moving fast enough and tried to shoot her husband…. At that point, Bobby Doster pulled out a .380-caliber handgun and shot one of the suspects.”

And if the near-victims had complied with this hypothetical ban, the late criminals would be alive and wealthier and the near-victims poorer and dead. I understand the debates over the nuances of Amendment One, but Two in its broader individualistic interpretation is a slam-dunk. Hat tip, Roach. And score one for the Red States.

Posted by Matthew Hogan at January 26, 2005 8:40 PM