Speaking of scientific inquiry . . .

On the liberal side
“I felt I was going to be sick,” said Nancy Hopkins, a biology professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, She walked out in what she described as a physical sense of disgust.

On the conservative side
What he said “is controversial and should be debated,” said David Goldston, chief of staff of the House Science Committee. “But there ought to be some place in America where you can have a thoughtful, non-ideological private discussion.”

In remarks last week, Laurence Summers (former Clinton Secretary of Treasury and now Harvard President) pointed to research showing that girls are less likely to score top marks than boys in standardized math and science tests, even though the median scores of both sexes are comparable. He said yesterday that he did not offer any conclusion for why this should be so but merely suggested a number of possible hypotheses.

I guess that liberal support for the use of science in policy depends on what conclusions are reached.

Posted by Jack at January 18, 2005 10:45 PM