Hatespeak -

Has speaking with hate and anger become the ‘norm’ in the Political Arena? It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is, there is always someone who hates and is determined to let everyone else know about it.

Not liking something doesn't bother me.
Wanting people to know doesn't bother me.
Being loud about it doesn't bother me.

It is when the name calling starts, lying and/or exaggerating about the plans, and simply saying it is a bad idea and can't be done with no alternative solution, that is when I start to get annoyed.
A certain politician, namely Ted Kennedy, has been all over television the past few days. He talks about how Bush is going to cut Social Security by 33%. This statement is largely exaggerated. The interviewer, Chris Matthews, did not question him about it. Maybe Matthews didn't have the facts. Maybe he knew it would stir up trouble and let it go just to have more to talk about on his upcoming shows.
Kennedy also claims to be very concerned about the Health Care situation in our country. He says he wants something done about the people that have no coverage. He says this is a big problem that Bush is doing nothing about. Matthews pointed out that this has been a concern of Kennedy's his WHOLE political career.
What has Kennedy done? He talks about a lot of things. He yells about a lot of things. He stirs up trouble with his Hatespeak and then sits back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest and watches the ensuing battles with a smug look on his face.
There are certainly others on both sides. Kennedy is the one who inspired me to write this.
Last night it was pointed out that the 'rhetoric' and the lies are just part of politics. That it's 'acceptable' to lie and exaggerate about the issues to get yourself heard. That's politics.

That's a load of ... you know what.
It has not become 'acceptable' to me for a Politician to lie about someone elses idea just to be heard. It has not become 'acceptable' to me for any Political Party to call names, exaggerate, and lie about another just to try and gain points with their voters.

I have not accepted the 'norm' of Political Hatespeak and I probably never will. Instead of cheering the Speaker of Hate, I turn them off.
Give me a reasonable person who can speak with conviction, has ideas, can get them across without name calling and malice towards the opposition. I will listen.
It doesn't matter who they are or the Party they belong to. I want Politicians with ideas of their own that will work. I want Politicians who can add to a solution and not try to destroy an idea simply because it did not come from their own Party.

Hatespeak - a bad idea.

Posted by Dawn at January 14, 2005 2:00 PM